Farmland in this region sells for roughly $3,500 to $4,500 per acre. Intellislope simplifies the process of installing field drainage tile by using a RTK GPS receiver to install tile with a positive grade through the entire run, eliminating the need for surveying equipment. From Ag PhD - Information for Agriculture. Model tests of a tile-spacing formula. Practice 204 Tile Drain Inlet.! The following tables may be of assistance in making a preliminary estimate of the quantity of drainage pipe required for a drainage project. Hydraulic conductivity is the speed at which the water moves through the soil. In addition to a tile spacing and tile depth study, the team also set out to evaluate sub-irrigation and drip-irrigation. Slope. References . Practice 203 Breather Pipe.! 131-136. Photo-interpretation of color infrared aerial imagery can be used to map drainage tile patterns revealed after a heavy rainfall event. Minimize inefficient equipment operation caused by wet areas. Practice 202 Tile Drain Repair/Replacement.! In the 1990s, GPS and yield monitors allowed farmers to … 2. Proper design - depending on field conditions, tile drains placed 30 to 36 inches (90 to 105 centimetres) deep (and properly spaced according to soil type) are effective in keeping the water table below the portion of the soil profile with the most root activity and most crucial for crop growth. Installing drain tile with a Crary Tile Pro plow.Rust Sales, Inc. 800-478-7801 701-282-9194 3. Now that you have your map sketched out, you can start to procure the materials you will need. Step 3 - Plan for Materials. Previous research in Illinois and Indiana reported that the optimum conditions for aerial flights were 2 to 3 days after a one-inch or greater rainfall in 24 hours. The Minnesota Drainage Guide contains a table of drain spacing … Purchase enough pipe to run from the septic system to the field and to be placed in the field as you have sketched. General spacing and depth recommendations . Tile Size (Plastic) Tile Size (Smooth Wall) 40-acre field 0.2% 0.63 10” 8” 1200 x 100 sq. Building the Case for DIY . The Ag PhD Drainage Tile Calculator helps you determine your tile supply and capabilities for your field drainage project. ubsurface tile drainage is an essential water man-agement practice on many highly productive fields in the Midwest. The diameter of the tiles was 12.7 cm, and the drainage area (plot size) ranged from 1.4 to 1.9 ha of cropland, depending on tile length (Supplemental Table S1). Tile drained soils create uniform field conditions for early field work. The principles of field drainage systems are similar to those in play when drain tile is used in residential construction. Hydraulic conductivity of the soil. PATTERN The kind of pattern recommended depends mainly on the relief of the field or the difference in elevation between the highs and the lows. We assume the area drained by each instrumented tile is equivalent to the product of the drainage spacing and the length of the respective tile. A drain field trench will usually need to be about 30 inches deep. Rainfall then percolates down through the soil into the drains, producing a more balanced flow after storms. However, nitrate carried in drain- age water can lead to local water quality problems and contribute to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico, so strategies are needed to reduce the nitrate loads while maintaining adequate drainage for crop production. This reduces the risk of flooding and soil erosion not only within the field but also further downstream in the catchment. Field. The very first thing to do when installing a new system or adding to the existing drainage system is to make a plan. The Hefty brothers go over the reasons for installing drain tile. Healthy soils contain both water and oxygen. Spacing Spacing Feet in Feet In Meters Per Acre 20 6 2178 25 7.6 1742 30 9 1452 33 10 1320 40 12 1089 50 15 872 60 18 726 66 20 660 70 21 623 80 24 545 90 27 484 100 30 436 1 Rod equals 16.5 feet or 5 meters SPRINGFIELD PLASTICS, INC. However, per a sales manager at a drain pipe supplier, the typical system has a 4-inch pipe in a parallel grid system on 40- or 50-foot centers with 8-inch mains leading to a drainage ditch or creek. There are four classes of concrete drain tile: Standard-quality tile is intended for land drainage of ordinary soils where the tiles are laid in trenches of moderate depth and width. Good field drainage reduces the peak surface water run-off rates by increasing the availability of storm-water storage within the soil. NRCS Engineering Field Handbook.! The drain tile is buried 3 to 4 feet deep. pattern, depth, and spacing of tile lines.