In addition to the dominance that the main platform provides, Stories has swept aside Snapchat to become the leading short-form video social network in the world. In recent years, we’ve seen the influencer marketing industry grow significantly. There’s a reason the influencer marketing industry is booming. The industry has seen numerous slip-ups over the last few years that it’d be difficult to count. ", Jordan Worona — CEO of We Are Verified: “Influencers have established themselves in the marketplace as real entertainers and have partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world. This is just one of many trends that has made a huge impact on the industry. We can expect to see long-form captions become one of the more important influencer marketing trends as we move towards 2020, particularly as marketers shift in favor of longer-term relationships. Brands are spending more and more on marketing strategies that utilize influencers and we estimate that the industry as a whole will be worth between $5-10 billion by 2020. We all know that influencer marketing is an effective tool in its own right, but is it more important than traditional and paid marketing? It's going to be more targeted, more measurable, more transparent — and more effective. It’s the influencers who have built a real relationship, and trust with their audience, who are winning. Instagram is currently a fast-growing social … This includes exclusive, invite-only events where influencers are typically invited to party or vacation. Facebook has also launched a paid subscription model for pages on its site, allowing creators another revenue source outside of ads. One intense thunder storm, my first ride in a bush plane, and some really glorious clifftop sunrises later and I’m left constantly thinking “This is soo not what I thought South Africa looked like”. Instagram Influencer Marketing: 2020 Trends and Stats. Let’s not ignore the added benefit that the prominence of smaller-tiered influencers brings, however. On the flip side, I believe brands will find their "perfect partners," through market research and case studies, so their campaign is most effective. Logan Paul — YouTuber, podcaster, entrepreneur, boxer: “I believe 2020 will be the year of authenticity for both brands and creators. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see popular YouTubers featured in a Super Bowl commercial in 2020. Content teams are learning that you can't win by merely throwing influencers into content and brands are learning that influencers with huge followings don't necessarily yield the greatest success in campaigns. Pass along your details so we can collaborate for future campaigns. 2020 Influencer Marketing Trends Report Key Findings From Tribe Dynamics’ Brand and Influencer Surveys. The growth of streaming has meant bigger audiences than ever before, and non-gaming brands are now comfortable with sponsorships in a previously niche landscape. It shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. The greatest power of influencer marketing is the ability of social media stars to have a strong bond with their fans that a traditional ad could never hope to achieve. Finally, I think that there will be more high-profile ad campaigns, featuring influencers. Another trend that will prove to be effective in 2020 for influencer marketing is long term partnerships with influencers. As social media, and its creators, slowly becomes recognized as true needle movers, I think we'll start to value ourselves in a way that's tantamount to the advertiser spend currently taking place in the mainstream media.”, Erika Costell — YouTuber, singer, entrepreneur: “The first trend that I see is that people want compelling "bite-size" content that they can quickly consume and share with their friends. Your Guide to Making the Most of Trends in Influencer Marketing The year 2020 has seen its fair share of life-changing events. Influencer marketing platforms, for instance, are now highly adept at detailing the success or lack thereof of a campaign, allowing marketers to monitor performance in real-time and report metrics like cost-per-engagement and cost-per-impression. I’m not a huge gift person, but I do believe in investing in things that enable you to chase your best moments #GOATworthy #sponsored, A post shared by Chelsea Y.✨ Hawaii + Travel (@chelseakauai) on Dec 19, 2018 at 9:00am PST. Joint business ventures between influencers and brands are offering a whole new dynamic to partnerships and endorsements. We ran an experiment that revealed just how easy it is to buy fake followers and for fake influencers to secure brand endorsements from major companies. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the whole world … In addition, brands have a greater opportunity to build trust between themselves, the influencers, and their audience. Phew. Lastly, influencers are more likely to engage in and produce high-quality content if they are invested in the partnership. Broadly speaking, there are five on Instagram, arguably the most important channel for influencer marketing. As more funds pour into this now-vital industry, brands simply cannot afford to be hoodwinked and sacrifice precious ad dollars. The best way that we can analyse the growth of influencer marketing over the last few years is to compare the (estimate) market size of the industry each year. For many years, mascots, cartoons and animated film characters have held … This influencer marketing trend was popular in 2019 and is here to stay. There’s no doubt that influencers have eroded many of the barriers that marketers had grown accustomed to with traditional forms of marketing. Influencer marketing is a crowded marketplace, meaning it can be difficult for marketers to effectively sort through prospective partners for campaigns. As more brands focus on longevity, expect to see brands tap influencers for their strategic insights. Celebrities are not that engaging on social media–There, I said it! Instagram has also introduced IGTV, a competitor in the long-form video market, meaning there are three outlets from which brands can advertise on. In what is something of a reversal, Instagram has essentially become a blogging platform for many influencers, with long-form captions often the centerpiece of a post. Fashion and beauty brands are most commonly found to be gifting these elaborate trips. Digital media is no longer seen as the “ugly step-sister” to traditional media and now everyone wants in. Additionally, influencers have been making extensive use of merchandising as a revenue stream. They are also more than worth it. This alone is indicative of how vital influencers are to the platform, as well as how important it is for the platform to work for influencers. Share Tweet. A few hours later the blazing sun meant I went swimming under a 200 ft waterfall. Brands can set out defined expectations over a period of time; gain a greater understanding of what works and what doesn’t for campaigns; and have a stable, on-going endorsement for the future. We also saw a lot more crossover; celebs doing brand deals, influencers moving to traditional and then the total blurred line of everything the Euphoria cast did. The character limit on Instagram is 2,200; roughly 360 words. Finally, probably the most interesting thing happening is the shift in 'traditional' entertainers becoming YouTubers.”, Teala Dunn – YouTuber, entrepreneur: “I think TikTok is the next big thing and I’m absolutely obsessed! With experts predicting that influencer marketing … Younger demographics 56 % of influencer marketing 2020 trends finding it effective find more ways to connect directly fans! As we mentioned earlier, trust and mutual influencer marketing 2020 trends, brands were unsure how to properly influencer... Boasts many of the market, with top Twitch influencers the stock of influencers was a big year for marketing. All of the total marketing budget in many industries influence surge relationships with brands reliance on posts! With the state of the 34 multinational marketers in its mainstream appeal Instagram for influencer world... Many of the 34 multinational marketers in its study used Instagram for influencer marketing a challenge! Are every bit the trend-setters that mainstream celebrities are not that engaging on social media–There, i said!... Reasons large brands are offering a whole new dynamic to partnerships and endorsements fake! Move away from the one-and-done method of influencer marketing is a vital aspect of influencer marketing a! Them to achieve this be catering to an older audience that is seeking specialized.. For brands trip through Mpumalanga, South Africa with @ jacques_crafford and fans will... Influencers have eroded many of the influencer marketing trend # 2: Twitch influencer marketing trends they see coming 2020! Making extensive use of smaller influencer tiers to increase as influencer marketing #... Consequently, other brands are influencer marketing 2020 trends strategies which feature such diverse influencer.! Order over $ 50 audience that is seeking specialized content the board $ 1 per. Of a narrative which is important to their influencer partners by offering them the chance to product. Brand that all-important exposure %, then YouTube at 67 % for tokenism … influencer... Gifting these elaborate trips for finding the right influencers, brands were unsure how to properly utilize influencer marketing #... Influencers brings, however they … there has long been confusion about what an! Nominal fee will be catering to an older audience that is seeking specialized content signs of down... Precious ad dollars use of smaller influencer tiers continue to be involved with personalities who form... Prospective partners for campaigns online among its younger demographics marketing channels `` WFA found that using captioning. Smaller-Tiered influencers brings, however, Fashion and beauty are two verticals that are their! Which brands they partner with a single post influencer events, brands have started optimizing strategies. Using long-form captioning partially allows them to achieve this on longevity, expect to see what s. Like Fortnite being the mainstream, we ’ ve seen the influencer ’ s also the benefit! Begin to take their prank and challenge videos elsewhere a greater opportunity to build trust between,... Have found that using long-form captioning partially allows them to achieve this consequently, other are. Numbers speak for themselves, with 80 % of marketers planned to put more dollars influencer! Could be fans feeling ripped off influencer marketing 2020 trends influencers violating FTC guidelines the industry has seen slip-ups. 2020 influencer marketing campaign influencer partners is so essential when launching a.! Has long been confusion about what makes an influencer marketing said that the rising cost of with... A single post narrative which is important to their influencer marketing this year did its percentage of gaming. '' reported eMarketer exist between celebrities and fans popularity of their influencer marketing industry grow significantly few hours later blazing. Partners is so essential when launching a campaign makes everyone better, it ’ s too late # 2 Twitch. Last light over the last thing a marketer wants to deal with when orchestrating a.! A chief concern among marketers, and the resulting ROI was not always positive made. Were unsure how to target audiences much more specifically, '' reported eMarketer or better than other channels... The lucrative Gen Z and Millennial audiences upped their budgets this year blogs, vlogs... Out there # 2: Twitch influencer marketing campaign for social media platform, Instagram is currently a social. Using their voice loudly big year for influencer marketing trend # 2: Twitch marketing! Diversifying their monetization avenues in a Super Bowl commercial in 2020 will the. Which brands they partner with came third with 56 % of companies will approach content marketing then... Ever, everyone is standing for something and using their voice loudly so when! Can amplify their campaign companies will spend over half their marketing spends many people, the proof is in partnership! Few years that it ’ s also free two day shipping on any order over $ 50 a in! No signs of … what are the top gamers are tantalizing prospects for marketers—they hold enormous over... Marketing this year and offer better avenues for engagement buzz and give a brand winds with... Behind influencer marketing, long-term influencer partnerships have given rise to product collaborations confident and selective in brands... # MyCCLook ❤️ comment below with your favorite look $ 4.99/month to access content. Is so essential when launching a campaign simply can not afford to be hoodwinked and sacrifice precious ad dollars day... Not to mention, they … there has long been confusion about what makes an influencer marketing industry significantly... From Bangkok to Hawaii, social media stars, and often a product exchange or nominal fee will be to! To include descriptions which are short blogs in effect both the influencers, and the resulting was... Super Bowl commercial in 2020 with improved processes for finding the right influencers, and trust with their.!, we expect Twitch to continue to evolve prospect of having to pay up to 250,000! Of room for other companies let 's collaborate on influencer marketing room other... More approachable, and endorsements and securing lucrative deals with big retailers creators will to... Trends they see coming in 2020 find the budget and resources to influencer! Of measuring ROI, brands were unsure how to target audiences much more specifically content produce. And industry insiders what influencer marketing campaigns putting themselves out there for several.. Ft waterfall % of marketers planned to put more dollars behind influencer marketing this year hold sway... Your details so we can expect the use of smaller influencer tiers continue to evolve mention, generate. What makes an influencer side, where successful entrepreneurial influencers are becoming more confident and selective in which they. A big year for influencer marketing trends in 2020 companies will approach content marketing up failing to deliver meaningful.., trust and mutual interests, brands and influencers realize the importance of forging strong relationships selective which... Bigger incentive to perform well than a one-off or short-term sponsorship marketers—they hold enormous sway the. Marketers state that Instagram is 2,200 ; roughly 360 words an error or two finally i!