Moonshine Shack: Upgrades & Improvements List If you want to change the location of the Red Dead Online Moonshiner Store after purchasing, you can move your Shack by using the "Camp & Properties" options in the Player Menu for a price of $250. You can shift your Moonshine Shack anytime by … Best RDR2 moonshine shack location: where’s the best moonshine shack location in Red Dead Online. This seems to be the most popular moonshine shack location, so keep that in mind before you buy it. I considered Tall Trees because I love that area near Manzanita Post but I think deliveries in that area aren’t as scenic when around Blackwater and the Hennigan’s Stead area. It should be obvious, but there are very few shortcuts that can be made while transporting moonshine. They mostly grow in the Tall Trees, the area west of Blackwater. Blackberries grow in high shrubs, and you’ll recognize them by the dark purple berries. All things considered, when choosing a Moonshine shack location, these two would be my ordered best picks: Tall Trees (West Elizabeth) The Heartlands (New Hanover) The Tall Trees region is beautiful and brimming with wildlife. Why You Should NEVER Go To Tall Trees At Night In Red Dead Redemption 2 Or Else This Will Happen! Tall Trees so far seems safe for auto-drive to pathfind through checkpoints. Tall Trees; Start with Heartlands, because the location is easily accessible. For me the only two real choices were Grizzlies and Tall Trees. My least favorite area of the game and I don’t want to get sent into Saint Denis. Tall Trees (West Elizabeth) How To Change The Location of the Moonshine Shack. When you buy a Moonshine Shack you earn 2000 Moonshiner XP along with a number of Moonshine Shack decor items. Also read | Anthem 2.0 Update Brings New Changes To Javelin Builds And Gameplay Mechanism Here are all the steps that a player needs to follow to become a moonshiner: The first thing to do is to already be a Trader before trying to become a Moonshiner in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Pay 25 Gold bars to unlock a Moonshine Shack Locations. That’s all you need to know on how to buy a Moonshine shack in Red Dead Online. You'll also have the option to move locations, for a $250 fee. Tall Trees: This region doesn’t get too crowded when it comes to player traffic, and it’s moderately flat country so making deliveries isn’t quite as difficult as it is in a region like Grizzlies. After opening a bar in "Red Dead Online" you can customize your décor and expand, but it won't come cheap. Rockstar Games. 1 month ago. Tall Trees is also good, but other three are pretty far and not easy to reach. They’re most plentiful in the southern part of this area. f*** the Bayou. Tall Trees: This region doesn't get too crowded when it comes to player traffic, and it's moderately flat country so making deliveries isn't quite as difficult as it is in a region like Grizzlies. Tall Trees. RDR2 Online Blackberry, Wild Mint, Canned Strawberry Locations – Berry Mint Moonshine Blackberry locations. It requires a lot of travelling. As you can see this endeavor is a bit costly with the Moonshine … It is easy to transport goods across the Great Plains and to avoid enemies, players and roads entirely. one last point (this was from the OP).