But the extent of your logic isn’t… quite logical. ­It's also possible that moths … A sloth is like a miniature ecosystem. 10 reasons to hate you 6.then why the fuck do you kill them if you don’t want bug juice on your threads? "I'll mess you up! ", This clicking wing patch, said the researchers who discovered it, is part of "a 65-million-year evolutionary arms race" that began way back when bats started using echolocation to hunt moths at night. They work! They don’t cluster around my clothes and scare the fuck out of me when I go pick them up. Both beautiful moths. For instance, the Indian meal moth is relatively small and measures around 9 mm in length, but has a wingspan reaching up to 16 mm. I’m afraid of moths but I like butterflies. © Give me a legit reason as to why moths are bad. In fact, he’ll admit that any moth will scare him at any time anywhere. All of these are wrong. I was smashing at my computer screen with a t shirt whilst trying to read question 4 xD. 10. There are some moths that are easily as beautiful if not more so than butterflies, and many of them are day-fliers, too. 11. Flops around for a while, then disappears. I sit in my room bored out of my head studying. That is a saturniid. That seems like reason enough to hate them, but in the end it’s not for me to judge what you cover yourself in. Now there are 2 other moths flying around because they think I killed one of them purposefully. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, It's a sort of common moth language that some moths speak (even when they can't hear it themselves) and that bats can hear and understand. Moths are just fluffy idiots and butterflies will suck out your soul and eat your writing flesh. Moths are insect closely related to butterflies. It plays on my OCD and freaks me out uncontrollably. I strongly dislike it, to the point where I consider it almost hateful. 7. REASON 1 Moths are imposters. why I’ll never be as famous as Nathan Fillion, my book is exactly like Lord of the Rings, Guest Post by Jay Swanson, author of White Shores « R. H. Culp, Why I Don’t Even Lead On That I’m Literate: A Guest Post by Jay Swanson « Zoe Winters, Paranormal Romance Author, http://www.livescience.com/33260-why-moths-eat-clothes.html, http://24.media.tumblr.com/e339ea36a1753ec2a85daae6cc73ff6a/tumblr_mjpryzj11M1r7180yo5_500.jpg. Ugh! Don't eat us!". Indeed, much like Stalin or Oscar the Grouch. I mean you started out out trying to save its life and in return it hit you in the face about ten times. And I would hate that as well. Simply put, it’s impossible for adult moths to eat your threads. I don’t kill them either, despite how much they annoy me. The differences between butterflies and moths is more than just taxonomy. And how could a humble moth have anything to do with this? “It may be gross enough to discover that moths have eaten a hole through your favorite cashmere sweater, but get this — it’s not actually the moths that eat your clothes, but their slimy larvae. insect life represents over 90 percent of all life on earth. Perhaps the degree to which I find insects disgusting is more extreme than normal, but I would bet my money on saying that I’m more within the norm than you are. Before we dig into moth psychology, though, let’s briefly discuss why this meme is trending. And every time you hit them they just bounce away behind something to hide. In either case, the moths were a pest with which to be reckoned. It is their job, their nature (however undesirable). And researchers already know that birds "force-fed" lots of Yponomeuta tend to get drowsy. ewwwww. 5.without moths your mom would rage without her silk scarf. You should check out the birdwing butterflies; they’re amazing! moth with his shoe and as if that wasnt disturbing enough the wings came I can already say something about the clothes eating myth – thats one species and that’s only the larvae. Trees during the industrial revolution became so soot-covered that moths with genetic makeup for dark colors developed because they were not seen and eaten by birds. Whether it has control over its functions is entirely irrelevant. Really fascinating! Its not their ‘job’. It appears that Yponomeuta's clicking communicates to bats that the moths are poisonous, or at least nasty-tasting, said a paper published yesterday (Feb. 5) in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. 2. Then of course you have to overcome your stark terror when it flies directly at your face long enough to bat it down again in self defense. You have a fresh stain in your pants. Dryness is likely the biggest culprit in what appears to be a booming local population of moths from the family Crambidae. Be careful about the general characterization of moths as dull night flyers. And all you want to do is kill… kill… kill…. No. give me any reasons why moths are satanic You know what would be a good idea? No. As if slapping me around, getting dust on my computer, ruining my food, and scaring the poo right out of me wasn’t enough. Ever tried to get rid of a mosquito? If I went and poked holes in your clothes with a knife, would that be a good thing? Thank you for signing up to Live Science. All of these are incredibly biased or stupid. I was researching any way to help a moth with a clipped wing (lost cause, I know) and came across this whiney narcissistic garbage. Once moths get inside, generally lit areas appeal to pantry moths, but clothes moths shy away from light. You'd probably flap away.) at each other like WTH? 4. Even stupid people get annoyed by stupid people. That is a bad reason, is it not? I don’t hate them, I just find them to be really scary. Thanks for providing a reasonable argument instead of posting some idiocy like ” You are a reason 7, bravo. In the 19th century, before festive Christmas cards became the norm, Victorians put a darkly humorous and twisted spin on their seasonal greetings. Butterflies can’t touch the unique patterns of saturniids. Adult moths do not have mouths so holes in clothes are actually made from moth larvae. There’s nothing wrong with them. They don’t know that I was being attacked by that moth and it was an intrusion to peace and calm. inside my room through my AC. Considering the timeless nature of the subject, I figure why not revisit it in the blagosphere. HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE? Why are these people so creepy? you hatch out your agg on clothes, and you have to eat the clothes to survive and support the next generation? Those ridges bang against the air, perpetually emitting a clicking sound that scares off bats. I begged him to then go inside my room and kill the moth They also grow in vast numbers, meaning if there’s 1 of them, there’s at least 5 more of them nearby. I’ve always thought of that,that’s why you wear earphones while sleeping. There's also the possibility that the moths are trying to jam bat sonar, emitting clicks that confuse or distract the predators so they can't find the insects in the air. We all hate stupid people to some degree. I guess you could say that its a Human’s job to shit everywhere, go around touching people, contaminate things, etc. Actually, I could sit inside but the number of openings in the walls and amount of bird poop on the floors made it feel like it was outside. It finds a new place to hide. There are small little holes in like 6 of my long sleeves (mostly the ones that are made of cotton). So that means it was on me the whole time. Flopping around on the ground like that…. Majerus has said, “The peppered moth story is easy to understand because it involves things that we are familiar with: vision and predation and birds and moths and pollution and camouflage and lunch and death. They can enjoy this article for a bit of light relief. Moths AND BUTTERFLYS are both atracted to light, they think this will navigate them somewhere. I came across this by typing I hate moths, also. I’ve tried to hunt down moths for hours before. share. But Yponomeuta aren't clicking fast enough to do that effectively, the researchers wrote. "We're gross!" Which, of course, leaves you in the “finding moth” phase again. Add Image. Moths only have mouths during their larval, or caterpillar, stage, which usually lasts from when the insect is about two weeks old until it turns a month.”, Source: http://www.livescience.com/33260-why-moths-eat-clothes.html, bull shit only one species of thousands eats cloths they are adorable little creatures i prefer them to butterfly’s which are stupid they die in one day, some moths are bright coloured and they are most definitely not annoying, This comment is stupid for missing the point . Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. And when you make eye contact she looks at you like you’ve stepped over that line that only professional assassins and payday loan dealers ever cross. Exclusive KiSS RADiO content, contests, newsletters and more! Please refresh the page and try again. Some have circle patterns that look like eyes yes I have a vivid imagination and startle easily. No, it’s because there’s always some overly-conscientious animal lover nearby. Moths are awesome creatures. Yes, including plant life and microbial life. Moths show up at night. Just don’t get it on me! It's an elegant strategy. off AND IT KEPT FLYINGGGG! Moths and butterflies are both beautiful creatures. If I wandered into an unknown place accidentally, I wouldn’t flutter around a giant who’s 5000x larger than me. And then you realize that you have holes in your nice button-up shirt where cloth should be covering your nipples. Your food is ruined. The Kevin & Sonia Show: Why Are Moths So Creepy?! Because odds are they’re huge, heavy, and make weird buzzing noises whenever you get close. It’s like having some scrub for a neighbor that’s never heard of soap come over at random and rub himself on your furniture. so me and my brother got scared and looked I hate mass reproduction, especially when they’re not even attractive to look at like lunar moths. would you commit suicide because of an angry human or eat the clothes to keep your species alive. So, with no further adieu, here are ten reasons why I hate moths. Then you try to go to the bathroom to clean up, turn on the light, and BAM – moth attack. If some random stranger kept entering your home, mating and reproducing more strangers, contaminated your food or ate your clothes, would you like them? Well not without leaving a mess. The moth is a symbol of sensitivity and impulsiveness, in dreams it can mean impending danger, and has traditionally been associated with psychic powers and their development.