Salt to water 0 . For OTC products: after 6 months of use, a healthcare professional should be consulted. When administering, you need to use one tablespoon for every 40 gallons of water. I don't use salt for my discus in almost one year of keeping discus. The thing is, a week ago I added 3 discus to my tank, and I was wondering if aquarium salt will help or hurt them. 0 . 0 . Salt has become the most misused product in the discus world since teddyJ and his potassium permanganate for whatever ails your discus or yourself philosophy. 24 Reviews about Discus Mineral Salt for Aquariums ( View all reviews) Sophie, the 16/04/2020. Again, we pretreat with Epsom salt 24 hrs before metronidazole treatment. If I run into a external problem I dose my tank. Write a comment. After 1 week, 1 to 2 sprays per nostril once daily (100 to 200 mcg/day) may be used as needed. Jan 29, 2009 805 4 18 Western Montucky. 2 sprays per nostril once daily (200 mcg/day) initially. 24 . 1 stars . C. cyberhog05 Gambusia. The number one cure for this in discus fish is Epsom salts. 5 stars . Discus Fish Disease, Symptoms and Treatment Guide. I read somewhere that Aquarium salt can be good for your fish, so I recently picked some up. Salt is to be used as a temporary dip or bath. 100% des clients recommandent ce produit. I used to feed my discus with frozen bloodworm (their only preference), What kind of medication that I have to give them every month for deworm and how? Period. Epsom salts do not go away once added to the tank and will stay in the water until you change it, so you don’t need to replace it … 2 stars . 5 24 24. – Treat them Metronidazole B.P. MFK Member. Salmeterol xinafoate is a white powder with a molecular weight of 603.8, and the empirical formula is C 25 H 37 NO 4 •C 11 H 8 O 3.It is freely soluble in methanol; slightly soluble in ethanol, chloroform, and isopropanol; and sparingly soluble in water. Reviews about Discus Mineral Salt for Aquariums. 4 stars . Most discus fish are being imported or sold from hobbyist to hobbyist, making it a risk to go from bag to tank. The types of adverse reactions and events reported in Trial 3, a 28-week, non-U.S. clinical trial in 503 subjects previously treated with ICS who were treated twice daily with fluticasone propionate/salmeterol DISKUS 500/50 mcg, fluticasone propionate inhalation powder 500 mcg and salmeterol inhalation powder 50 mcg used concurrently, or fluticasone propionate inhalation powder … Tablets – 200mg Dosage: 2 tablets for 50 gallons water. Other disease that we have no success with treatments are swim bladder type of diseases. Your discus fish are important to you and keeping them free of illness is a big challenge. We find that this pretreatment step with Epsom salt has a synergistic effect. 3 stars . 0 . SEREVENT DISKUS is a teal green plastic inhaler containing a foil blister strip. According to what I have read, learned, and experienced over the past years and also my personal opinion, the standard and the most effective dosage for the metronidazole, especially in a discus tank is 250 mg per 10 gallons of water every other day for up to 4 days with at least 50% water change before each dose. I think he used PP from a mouthwash to a high colonic flush as well as a meat tenderizer and a seasoning on salads. Dont use table salt. Dosage: 15 ml per 100 ml of osmose water. We all have healthy discus. Nasal dosage (fluticasone propionate 50 mcg/spray; e.g., OTC Flonase Allergy Relief) Adults. Reply: You need to do the following: – Fortnightly apply Epsom salt after changing water. The box says 1 tablespoon for every 5 gallons, which seems like a lot of salt to me, and I have been very paranoid about adding anything to my tank with the discus in them. We are lucky in that discus plague has not been a … Oct 3, 2010 #6 I use only epsom salt.