James Madison | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque) | The Witch | Beast | Sugar Plum Fairy | John Ratcliffe | Kerwood Krinkle | Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos & Cyclops) | The Marten | Adolf Hitler | Black Cauldron MagicBand. Wolf's Owner | Diablo the Raven | Lumpjaw | Mortimer Mouse | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | Agent Woods | Aldrin Klordane | The guard's dog sees Taran and viciously barks at him, waking the guard up. Morgana le Fay | Zeus | Unknown Rat | Coachman | Nikabrik | Samuel Mason | Stromboli | When Creeper threatens Hen Wen for not complying, Taran (who was watching the whole scene from a tall pillar) stumbles to the floor, one of the guards prepared to kill Taran until Creeper says to release him. Black Guards | The guard (not seeing Taran) berates the dog and takes him to "make their rounds". A pig keeper, a scullery maid, and a broken-down minstrel. It is the story of Taran, a young Assistant Pig Keeper who desperately wants to be a great warrior. Its evil power will course through my veins, and I shall make you Cauldron Born...", "I presume, my boy, you are the keeper of this oracular pig. Lloyd Halverson | Wolf Arrowmen | Monstro | Knave of Hearts | Narnia Villains | The Wolf | Briar Cudgeon | Ian the Gator | Muppet Villains | | A young boy and a bunch of misfit friends embark on a quest to find a dark magic item of ultimate power before a diabolical tyrant can. El Diablo | Chato | Doug Ramses | Fleshlumpeater | Nome King | Mack McCro | Images of the Horned King from The Black Cauldron. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cherokee | Bradley Uppercrust III | Buena Vista International Villains | Cauldron Born | Charles Olympus | Popov | Erik & Francis | William Boone | Sea Monkeys | Miss Hendra | Sylvester Shyster | Angelica Teach | Dark | Vikings | Wynnchel & Duncan | Star vs. the Forces of Evil Villains | Aaron Burr | ", The Horned King gets pulled into the cauldron, The Horned King's guest appearance in the non-Disney game Tower Of Saviors. Janice Avery | Milo Murphy's Law Villains | Were-Rat | Wilse Owens | Mr. Sir | Old Man Tree | Beast (2017) | Shark | Fantomius | Iago (2019) | John Ricketts | Kingdom Hearts Villains | Walrus & Carpenter | Skeleton Pirates | Ajax Gorilla | Emmett | Although it is implied that the Horned King is a sorcerer of some sorts, he actually performs very little magic, only displaying his powers to teleport into his castle's main hall and calling upon the spirit of the Black Cauldron. At the end of the tour, the guest was awarded a medal for defeating him. Wooly Bill Hitchcock | Mulan Villains | Jafar | Demon Cats | Latham Cole | Alistair Patton | All we have to say is take that, Horned King! Ram Thug | Delancy Brothers | Tangled Villains | Speed | Fantasy, magic, and fun are all brewed together in Disney's legendary adventure The Black Cauldron. Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch | Brom Bones | Butch Cavendish | Meredith Blake | Add a photo to this gallery. Rat (2019) | Durante | The Horned King sucked into the Black Cauldron, destroyed by the very magic artifact he went out to use for evil. Villains. LeFou (2017) | The guards subsequently wait for the chance. Fantasia Villains | Mark Pierson | Sa'Luk | Thantos DuBaer | Eagle | Ute Chief | Tabaqui (1994) | Queen Narissa | The guards soon capture the heroes again after they have the black cauldron. Movies. The King (2017) | Winnie the Pooh Villains | Butch the Bulldog | Scar (2019) | Outsiders (Nuka & Vitani) | Videos. Shere Khan (1998) | Lilo & Stitch Villains | Arpine Lusene | Lava Monster | Creeper orders one of the guards to bring Hen Wen near the Horned King's throne to interrogate her for the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron. Menu. Milady de Winter | Dr. Terminus | The Little Mermaid Villains | Ronno | Leviathan | William Weatherall Wilkins | Edgar Volgud | Jacob Marley | 2010 Marvel Animated Universe Villains | Despite their unpleasant, vituperative, grotesque, strong and nasty side, the guards fear the Horned King above all. H. U. Hennessy | Tad White | Cad Spinner, Shorts, Television, Comics and Video Games Zeke Midas Wolf | If an allied Black Cauldron is present: Summon a Cauldron Born at the target location. Reggie, Darnell & Two Fingers | Evil Organization Dark Dragon | Sparky | Amphibia Villains | Beauty and the Beast Villains | Drizella Tremaine (2015) | Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains | Abis Mal | "Black Cauldron," widely considered the film that almost killed animation at Disney, features a horned king, deathless warriors, human sacrifice and … Tick Tock | Queen of Hearts | Vicky Robinson | Mike | King Ferdinand VI | Whoever releases the mysterious Black Cauldron's power will be invincible! Powers/Skills Jadis the White Witch | He later sends his Gwythaints to follow Taran and his friends, who are seeking first Hen Wen, then the Black Cauldron. Jesters | Professor Ratigan | Tarzan Villains | Speckles | Dawn Bellwether | Cardinal Richelieu | Jay Fuller | ", "No! Taran reluctantly decides to tell, but then tries to escape. Tamatoa | Anastasia Tremaine | Crew of the Flying Dutchman (Maccus & Kraken) | Frank Sitwell | Some of them have various helmets and hoods, some of them have different colored hair (either black, brown, blond, orange, dark brown, white, light brown, red, or gray), some of them are bald, and most of them have mustaches, beards, and stubbles. … Fat Cat | One of the guards appears sleeping in a nearby chamber. Juice | Cruella De Vil (1996) | Foxy Loxy | Ricky King | Von Talon | Descendants Villains | Perform the low work.Search the corpses of the greatest soldiers to bring them into the lair of their master (both failed). Frankie & Benjy | Wolves | Bigfoot Mason | Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | Gaston LeGume (2017) | Jack-in-the-Box | DuckTales Villains | Molly | Atlantis Villains | Opal Koboi | Maleficent's Goons | Gerda | Oogie Boogie | Kuala | Vince Heber | Connie | While Taran, Fflewddur Fflam, and Eilowny tried to escape from danger, the guard is pulling a cart carrying deceased warriors. Sheriff | Yeti (Matterhorn Bobsleds), See Also Big Hero 6 Villains | Kendall Duncan | Prince Hans | Kingdom of Prydain Jasper & Horace | Scar | Boreas | Charles "Trout" Walker | Iago | Norman Snively | Lord Kelvin | Type of Villains Hun Army (Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) | Ab Cross | Lucifer | James Reynolds | Hydra | Dr. Claw | Gazeem | Mad Hatter | Injun Joe | Tony Perkis | Bookman | Gravity Falls Villains | Ms. Stout | Mountain Ox | Master Control Program | Matai Shang | However, he was replaced by the Horned King. David Nix | Chernabog | Gloomius Maximus | Pirates (Scroop, Onus, Hands, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Longbourne, Fayvoon, Grewnge, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Mertock, Verne, Crex & Zoff) | Woolter | Ashton Carnaby | Troll | Zafire | They join the other guards, who are having a celebration for the capture of Hen Wen until an eerie and mysterious noise and electricity interrupts them. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Wu | Lucinda | Giant Magnet | Mr. Skinner | A pig keeper, a scullery maid, and a broken-down minstrel. The Wolf | Snow White Villains | Elliot Coleye | Cutler Beckett | Master Gracey | Chief | Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Gustav the Giant | Sour Bill | The tour guide will tell a guest the magic words to defeat the Horned King and his Cauldron Born army. Winifred Sanderson | Foxy Loxy | Eddie Taffet | In this tour style walk through attraction, the Horned King is the final Disney villain the guests confront. Natalya | Grim Reaper | Buzz | Yzma | Nebula Ghosts | Duke Weaselton | Early sketch of the Horned King (then fused with, Another early sketch of the Horned King by, Concept painting of the King in his castle with the, Early conceptual sketch of the Horned King by, Another early conceptual sketch of the Horned King by, Early concept of the King on horseback (a concept that would only be echoed in, Storyboard sketch of a slightly different version of the, "Soon the Black Cauldron will be mine. Queen Ingrith | Yeti (Expedition Everest) | Rhino | Perhaps it would interest you to see what fate has in store for you. Trigger & Nutsy | Nigel | Mama Gunda | Lawrence | The Owl House Villains | Lady Tremaine (2015) | Davy Jones | Professor Siles | BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | Rosie Little | CLU 2 | Fates | Cad Lackey | Friends on the Other Side | Maleficent (2014) | King Runeard, Live-Action Movies Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Princess Mombi | Tin Soldiers | The Black Cauldron is a 1985 animated film. Vogons | Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | Tom, Dick, Stanley & Walter | Roscoe & DeSoto | King Henry | The music stops ringing, the beer flows, and everyone is silent, waiting the orders of the master of the house. Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | GuardsSoldiers Jack Frost | Frozen Villains | Solego the Chaos God | He is a Limited Event Tsum Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. Norton Nimnul | Their role is specifically a simple and low-run work, looking for the bodies of the greatest soldiers to bring them into the lair of their master. Jabberwock | Tabaqui (1998) | Kim Possible Villains | [Prologue:] Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain. Wolves (2017) | Patton Sr. | Jennifer Stone | The Horned King's Army (also known as Guards or Soldiers) are a supporting antagonistic group in Disney's 25th full-length animated feature film The Black Cauldron. Wander Over Yonder Villains | Disney's Horned King has aspirations of becoming a god among mortal men, and believes that the Black Cauldron will allow him a… Big Mac | Ursula | Fillmore! Undertow | Hercules Villains | Buster | Abdullah | vinyl figures from Funko! Crew of the Black Pearl (Bo'sun, Scratch, Pintel & Ragetti) | Devon & Rex | Julius | Armando Salazar | Pony Sugrue | John Silver | Goosey Loosey | Hector Barbossa | Fritz | Spectrus | Leland Drury | Mr. Eben | Chuckles | John Merrick | ", "My, what a brave, handsome group. Horned King | Sarousch | Gantu | Lana Thomas | Horned King is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. LeFou | Borg Guillarson | Charles Hendrickson | Witch Hazel | There was once a king so cruel, and so evil, that even the gods feared him. Peg Leg Pete | Nizam | Joseph Pulitizer | Barbaric Thugs, SavageryAxes (to decapitate Hen Wen or stop Taran and Eilonwy from escaping)SpearsKnivesSwordsOpprobrium. Morgana | Prince John (1952) | Mark Jennings | Crimes Colonel Heller | Jack and Ralph | Royal Pain | Judge Huggins | The guards supposedly tried to get Eilowny, Taran, and Fflewddur Fflam (who has soon escaped), but the plan failed. Since we don’t see a whole lot of Black Cauldron merchandise in the parks, we’re pretty obsessed with the new MagicBand for $34.99 in the Dark Room at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Flotsam & Jetsam | His main plan in the movie was to find the Black Cauldron and use it's power to unleash an army of deathless warriors dubbed as Cauldron Born. Joanna | Uto & Kago | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dallben learns the evil Horned King, is searching for a mystical relic known as the Black Cauldron, which can create an invincible army of undead warriors: the "Cauldron-Born". Toy Santa | Nathaniel Flint | Bowler Hat Guy | Zombies | The Horned King is the main antagonist of Disney's 1985 feature film The Black Cauldron and is voiced by John Hurt. The Horned King let out the longest, most wrenching, anguished, ear-shattering, unworldly scream Taran had ever heard in his life as, right before the boy's eyes, the lich's body was torn to pieces.