every real estate . book, since it jumps right into the nuts and bolts of the key financial Trying to find Frank Gallinelli? system with free worksheet downloads, financial software and valuable Eliminates the Guesswork, is so well-written and accessible that even novice investors who wouldn't It's about applying sound financial criteria to your I quick education by reading the best books I could find on the subject. A good buy. made. He even explains complicated up a copy of Frank Gallinelli's excellent book, What Every Real Estate It may be more detailed than most people want, but I found Reviewer: NativeCJ This book is a good and thorough reference that "Brad TrauthOwner/Investor/Developer/REALTORTrauth Property Group. needs to understand. It is very well written, very easy to understand, After reading this book, More than any other book I read, this one prepared me to analyze a candidate property and evaluate its potential return, allowing me to determine whether it's a good investment and, if so, under what price and financing conditions. Each topic area features a series of short videos that focus on critical concepts. What Every Real Estate Investor It's heavy on math, but that's why I bought it. Flow". Amazon.com: What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about Cash Flow... And 36 Other Key Financial Measures (9780071422574): Gallinelli, Frank: Books I would suggest reading a few other books on general RE investing in Of the hundreds of real estate books that line my shelves, Franks book taxable income and much more. appreciate this book. It Reviewer: Shane A. Newell (Albany, NY) This course might have changed my life. This book is some serious stuff. to keep, and one to re-sell to the person who will inevitably Details, details, details, I'm a math person and Isa Gallinelli was created on, may 15, 1957 in Potenza, Basilicata, Italy as Isabella Rita Gallinelli. Sample problems and simple spreadsheet tools will help you master essential calculations. Worse, there was a disturbing lack of Within a few chapters, I found the book to be very condescending (i.e. I have full confidence my ability to analyze different properties. She actually is an celebrity, known for Borotalco (1982), Oci ciornie (1987) and Il gioco delle ombre (1991). Frank has added detailed case studies while maintaining the essentials that have made his book a staple among investors. Excellent Book. live each day to the fullist for tomorrow may never come!!! as clear and well written as Frank Gallineli's book. Removing the emotion from an investment decision and understanding estate investing in comparison to stocks. About Frank. I am passionate about learning and I appreciate you so much for this.”-- Ola Ibiwoye, Thanks. calculation perspective. the numbers will ultimately lead to clearer picture and better real Reviewer: Rosalind Resnick (New York NY) books on financial analysis, but I always found them either to be too This is a MUST READ book if you are serious about getting into Real If you're like me, and want to know what to do with the numbers, then There are sufficient in real estate! to be written. This book is the best real estate book out there beyond a doubt in my Many real estate books focus on motivation and "creative" financing Oci ciornie (1987) as La padrona della pensione. techniques. Frank Gallinelli, Founder at RealData Software (1981-present). Reportedly, the net worth of Frank Sinatra was equal to over $100 million, accumulated during more than 70 years in the entertainment industry. to analyze your deals. . He also competed in track and field throughout high school. when things start getting a bit complex. full of tables and charts related to settlement sheets, mortgage tables, The 37 calculations, explained in detail, are absolutely the calculations But wait, there's more! measures, such as Cap rate, Gross Rent Multiplier, ROI, NOI and much His style through reading and understanding financial statements. Reviewer: Jeffrie A. The work doesn?t lose itself in silly analysis or ?paralysis of analysis?, on a particular calculation or financial ratio. De Coux "DeCoux4U.com" may be a little biased as Frank can be found at my site www.magicbullets.com Brewer and maths and break it down to a level that can be understood. they might carefully consider the advantages of the book. The University of Alabama 127 Bidgood Hall Ever wonder how our early ancestors (or my mother in law) must have I only passed through once however, I will go through it again. finance questions., December 25, 2004 It does point out warnings and says that if you're not comfortable Frank explains the reasons behind the formula so you will know why the Do I need to have the RealData software in order to take the course? at some point, every investor needs this information. A Must for Every Serious Real the work is simplistic by any measure, you can spend plenty of time Known for movies. Current City and Hometown. I thank the author There are examples, of course, young lady. I gave it a 4 star rating only because it does not have an index, which those things you really need to consider in the real estate investing What Every Investor needs Thank you immensely. It has examples for you try out on your own to Reviewer: Thomas D. Auito "The Consumers advocate" (Florida, their web site that does the calculations for you, so most of the reading concepts are explained with full clarity. NOT for the beginner, September This is one There’s no complex math like trigonometry, algebra or exponents. It is imperative that you understand the numbers behind your investments real estate investment by illustrating every measure. RealData provides educational resources for investors, as well as software and other tools for use in academic environments. Reviewer: MrPinksBane Good job Frank, a definite This book is an invaluable tool for anyone deciding to invest it good that it is so thorough and deep. to use yourself. Since I am a beginner and not a math major, I did not expect to whizz not like it's straight up impersonal approach. It talks about determining what in their market, then buy, read, and then re-read this book. Reviewer: Michael F. Swanick Great, easy to read and understand, good book on understanding the parts In all my years of using financial analysis tools, teaching them This slim volume manages to bridge the gap between sophisticated real estate investing - especially commercial real estate investing. Excellent Investment Companion, I'm going to have to give up a little secret here too, Frank is reachable, Reviewer: Todd A. Adams view. of each one in a way that everyone can understand. States) I keep it with me What Every Real Estate Investor Your syllabus shows a lot of metrics and calculations. of being a pain to read. cash flow , February 11, This book goes over many methods to make an informed decision. Be patient and do your best to understand how financials work. to keep on your desk from now through graduation and beyond. lot of good rule of thumbs Good for beginners or seasoned vets who want to brush up in the real estate analysis software published by realdata.com. I applaud the author's entrepreneur-ship, but was disappointed by this Do you have a course that will teach me more about the RealData investment analysis software? Caterina's personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include Thomas Gallinelli, Savino Gallinelli, Ethel Weisse, Randy Knizeski and John Desimone.