Homemade Pan Flutes for Kids with Free Printable Recording Sheet - Buggy and Buddy In this STEM / STEAM activity, kids will make a homemade pan flute using straws! I babysit for a friend of mine, and her little girl is a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan. Line up your straws longest to shortest. To make a Pan Flute capable of playing a single octave, the shortest straw must be exactly half the length of the longest straw. If you want, you can tune your flutes with a online tuner (guitars), works great. The longest straws will be deepest, the shortest will be highest. This is my first Instructible, so go easy on me. (We cut ours into the following lengths: 6 inches, 5.5 inches, 5 inches, 4 inches, and 3.5 inches.) Pull out enough tape to go around all the straws placed flat on the table. Take five wide straws and cut them into varying lengths. 17.0 cm Line the second straw up against the ruler. I hope your little one enjoys learning to play their very own instrument. Then, we tested the sound, by blowing gently across the top of the pieces. The lengths are: Once you cut all of the straws at the different lengths you can go to the next step. Once you have measured your straws, simply snip them along the lines with a pair of common, everyday scissors. one of the most famous modern players Gheorghe Zamfir A Little More diameter of the pipe effects tone but not pitch longer the pipe, the lower the tone How to make your own pan flute out of straws. Bishop Bullet. I never much cared for the DS Zelda games, so I went ahead and made my own design. STEP3 – Make sure pointed end of the straw is open just a little bit (see far right image). Run a piece of sticky tape along the table, sticky side up. While YouTubing, she apparently came across this tutorial on how to make a set of pan flutes at home, but the tutorial she showed me used actual power tools, and that's not something I am physically (or mentally) capable of doing without "adult supervision" myself. 11.5 cm Lay the straws side by side on the tape and fold the tape around the straws. Thank you for your attention! Your child should blow across the top of the straws to get a sound. How to build a pan flute out of drinking straws. Reply Delete. Did you make this project? How to make your own pan flute out of straws. i will definitely be adding that to my list of crafts! This straw pan flute is so easy to make that kids can make it all on their own! Happy piping! Finally, tape the arranged straws together. 10.0 cm Reply. Is it supposed to make noise? STEP2 – Cut the end of the straw into a point as shown to the right. To cut the flutes start with the longest. If you wish, you can decorate the tape with markers or crayons either before or after you secure the straws. What song will you play? My husband & I began referencing Zamfir & his famous pan flute music. #STEM #crafts #rainbow via @dabofgluewilldo. Step 1: Materials/Setup. 3 years ago, Colorful Wrapped Rope Macrame Knot Necklace, Approx. Its an easy trash to treasure craft idea for kids that will also yield a fun Finishing the Pan Pipes Test the sound. We used masking tape, because A) it's all I had in my art supply box, and B) it's easier to decorate with markers/crayons/colored pencils. Simply blow air through the straws and discover what melodies can be created! After the cartoon & the Zamfir conversation, it made me want to make one. Share it with us! 6 Play the pan flute by blowing across the top of the straws. Replies. Sticky tape them together in that pan flute formation. 1 ruler. Make an easy straw pan flute using a few drinking straws and tape. this was a brilliant idea! 5 years ago Directions for Making Straw Pan Flutes. Make a straw pan flute using a few drinking straws and tape. STEP1 – Flatten the end of the straw (last 2 cm) down as much as possible with your nails. However, to get the desired sound, you want your straws to be roughly around these lengths: One of those things are makeshift instruments. 13 drinking straws (You might not really need all 13 straws. 13 drinking straws (You might not really need all 13 straws. Mine won't make noise. on Step 5. Thank you, forgot about my sons project that is due tomorrow and we'll be able to do this in the am so he won't miss his presentation!! 7 years ago Fun. This is a great rainbow craft too! I got this tutorial from Googling the phrase "how to make pan flute straws". Lay the straws with one end flush with the tape from largest to smallest. This is the perfect activity to accompany a lesson on sound, five senses, or music. Easy to make, takes only minutes, cheap AND it sounds great. Materials: nine straws. You might be able to use 1 straw for multiple straw sizes.) Measure and cut two centimeters off the bottom of the straw. Discover how sound waves make music by creating a straw flute. 6 years ago | 384 views. Here are the things you'll need to make your pan flute: Approx. My mother always told me, "Measure twice, cut once." Epic tutorial! 9.5 cm*We used a marker to mark each straw before we cut. This is how we made our straw pan flutes, although you don’t have to make them exactly as we did. Simple crafts are so much fun with kindergarteners. 7 years ago. Thanks, Reply You can probably get the last 2 from one straw. Otherwise, it's the same as blowing bubbles into a drink. on Introduction, Thank you! ... How To Make a Bubble Machine – DIY Bubble Machine Out Of Plastic Cups, Bottles and Drinking Straws ... Are plastic straws finally on the way out? Which, suggests a number of fun, follow-up activities, including making a pan flute, out of straws. Cutting straws with scissors is a much more enjoyable activity than it sounds – the straws make a pop when they are cut and the shorter pieces often fly off at odd angles! Any ideas on an efficient way to do this to many straws … For a recycled pan flute, you need a handful of straws (paper or plastic will do), some tape, a scissor, and a ruler. When you cut the straw a certain way, the end of the straw vibrates much like a reed in a wind instrument, thereby producing a kazoo-like tone.