As clearly visible, the cotton is mainly for export purposes. From towels, robes, linens, shirts, pants and every other cloth material you can think of, it is the most widely used natural fiber in the world. Many fashion companies have boycotted cotton from these nations until they stop child labor. Their government estimates a 20% rise in their cotton production in 2017-18. India producing 5,323,467 metric tons annually stands 2nd in world cotton production. Two provinces of Punjab and Sindh are the prominent regions producing cotton in Pakistan. Milk - Production, Measured in Lb 551,000,000 Crops - Planted, Harvested, Yield, Production, Price (MYA), Value of Production † Sorted by Value of Production in Dollars The world’s leading manufacturer of cars is China, as the country’s 2019 production resulted … Required fields are marked *. The main producing countries … Argentina produces 214,371 metric tons of cotton per year grown along the northeastern border of the nation, mainly in the province of Chaco .sowing begins in October and continues through the end of December. With the annual production being an astonishing 6,841,593 metric tons China stands first in world production of cotton. The fallen crops make a blanket over the field protecting the land from soil erosion, shading and cooling the soil. United States of America (3738 thousand metric ton), Top 10 Largest Football Stadiums in The World. The total production of cotton in the world is close to 25 million tonnes, worth a whopping 12 billion dollars. 80 % of working Burkinabe’s (citizens of Burkina Faso) are involved in agriculture, which makes up 32 % of their Gross Domestic Product. Beginning the list is the largest cotton producer in Africa. There is a plan in order to increase sowing area by 21% next year. Better planting techniques and other policies are helping famers achieve higher yields. Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2019 EIB-208, May 08, 2019 5th largest exporter, Uzbekistan is a black mark on this trade. France ranks among the top 10 countries producing milk and beef, and among the top 20 countries for chicken and pork production. Companies like Gap and H&M have boycotted Uzbek cotton until unless they stop using slaves (1.2 million) which include numerous children. This 3rd largest exporter of cotton produces 3% of the world’s total cotton. International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of United Nations have made some progress in approaching leaders in countries like Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in order to find better means of production. In mid-January, the GOT also announced an import tax ranging between five to eight percent for cotton yarn imports from certain categories of countries. Pakistan Cotton Production. Though faced with lack of irrigational facilities Argentina manages to increase its production with the introduction of fertilizer in this region by US Military Ambassador of Agriculture Manuel Senor Rojas. 15% of nations land is used for the production of cotton (called Kharif) during the months from May to August. The Republic of Turkey produces the best quality of cotton in the world. Next on the list is Turkey producing about 853,831 tonnes of cotton annually. Harvest runs from mid-February through mid-July. Australia currently has five active mines; the Boddington mine, which is operated by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Alcan’s Weipa mine in Queensland, the Gove mine operated by Pacific Alumini… Utilising, what can only be called modern slavery; they produce cotton used by South Korea in their bank notes. Use of advanced seed technology has helped in increase in production per hectare. So, here are the top 10 largest cotton producing countries in the world 2019. The majority of the cotton comes from India, the United States and China – the world’s top three cotton producers. As trade developed in this area with the rest of the world, dates were introduced to Southwest Asia, Northern Africa, and Spain. We open our list with the land of the carnival. Shugor, Dubasi, and Watish are t… Orissa produces the lowest amount of cotton in comparison to the other states mentioned above. Each year, India produces an average of 5,770 thousand metric tonnes of cotton making it the world’s highest producer. Small amounts of cotton are also produced around Antalya. They export 17 % of what they produce, making it a major contributor to their economy. India producing 5,323,467 metric tons annually stands 2nd in world cotton production. The annual world production of cotton is a staggering 25 million tons, accounting for 2.5% of the world’s arable land. Gold and cotton are their major export, about 70%. Cotton alone has shown enormous growth since the 1980s when it was 4%, to 2008 when it was 12 %. Agriculture is one of the main contributors to a country’s economy. This country covers over 2.5 million square kilometers and is considered to be the largest country on the African continent. Deep black soils (regur) of the Deccan and the Malwa Plateaus and those of Gujarat are favorable for cotton production. Studies indicate that the number of sheep grown in this country for wool has been growing at the rate of 2.8% per year. It is an important Kharif crop in Pakistan and after Wheat, it occupies … Cotton is one of the most important commercial fibers produced and is one of the most important commodity imported and exported all over the world due to their uses in textile industry, mattress and bedding industry, oil industry, soap industry etc. The United States … The early years of African slavery were primarily because plantation owners needed farm hands to pick cotton. 80 % of working Burkinabe’s (citizens of Burkina Faso) are involved in agriculture, which makes up 32 % of their Gross Domestic Product. In 76 low- and middle-income countries, the number of food-insecure people is projected to increase by 83.5 million to 844.3 million in 2020 due to effects of COVID-19 on GDP. All of the production is mainly on individual owner based farms, found in the areas of Queensland and New South Wales. Production Turkish cotton planting area for MY 2019… Cotton is the prime commercial crop in Charea is Twenty four of the 35 provinces of China grow cotton with nearly 300 million people involved in its production.30 percent of the total sown area is used for cultivation of cotton. im in english lessons, teachers force me to read this information and then do writing for 500 words, Some sites show India ranks 1st in cotton production in the world can you justify why you still show its rank 2nd, Both countries are produced cotton according to their population.So I can justify India rank is 2nd, Your email address will not be published. Formerly known as Turkmenia, this Central Asian country was once an important stop on the Silk Route. The industry is state-controlled on a national level. Over one million public servants, employees of private businesses and children are involved in the harvesting of cotton. The top one on this list comes second in export and produce 26% of the world’s total cotton. The water is brought all the way from Amu Darya River, which is the main cause of drying up of the Aral Sea. Cotton is grown as an industrial crop in 15% of the nation’s land during kharif season which includes the monsoon months May to August. Thus this ends the list of top ten cotton producing countries in the world 2019. The soil need not be the nutrient. 30-60% of total agricultural GDP comes from here. 2,216,932 metric tons of cotton is produced in Pakistan annually. Alpek is a leading producer of PTA and PET globally, and one of the largest expandable polystyrene manufacturers in America, and … India is another one of the world’s largest textile producing … The country produced 76.28 million tons of bauxite in 2012, meaning it was responsible for producing about 31% of the world’s 2014, Australia’s production was 82,500 metric tons. The fourth largest country in the world utilises 24 out of its 35 provinces for cotton plantation. The listed 15 countries purchased 68.4% of all cotton imported in 2019. By value, the listed 15 countries shipped 84.2% of globally exported cotton in 2019. The United States was the leading exporter of cotton worldwide in 2019/2020. About 495 hectares of land is used in cotton production accounting Australia’s 17% of total farm lands. Yield is … Turkmenistan stands 10th in producing cotton in the world. Harvested area is forecast a record 3.3 million hectares, up 0.3 million hectares or 10 percent from last year. In this list we named the top 10 highest wheat producing countries in the world 2019… Also, it will come as a shock to you that the Turk government uses forced labor during harvesting season to make quota. The crop is grown in three main areas: the Aegean region, Çukurova, and Southeastern Anatolia. The total annual production is about 3,598,853 metric tons in the USA. Production of cotton has increased lately due to various economic and technological interventions – such as targeted government support, the emergence of new cotton producing regions, and precision farming technologies. Safe to say, it is their primary cash crop. They grow crops like cereal or grass and cut it few weeks before cotton plantation season. Application of high end technology like genetic engineering and nanotechnology are an encouraging development for the growth of cotton. Most of the cotton plantation is using the method of irrigation. Mine production: 5.8 million MTCopper production in Chile grew between 2017 and 2018, landing at a total rate of 5.8 million MT in 2018. 10.4. The top producing state being Mato Grosso. Click to skip ahead and jump to the top 10 agricultural producing countries in the world. It produces a total of 3… China. Not only wheat, China is also the largest producer of rice, potatoes, tomato, tea, millet, barley, cotton, soya beans and oil seeds. the U.S. cotton share will be about 45 percent by the end of the marketing year. Sudan is estimated to have one of the largest livestock that includes cattle, sheep, camels, and goats. Cotton is planted during April-early May and harvested in September. Pakistan is the country where it all started. Burkina Faso (283 thousand metric ton), 9. Its annual production is 199,358 metric tons. Yield is as high as 504 kgs to 566 kgs per hectare accounting for 27% of the world cotton production. Ranked tenth on the list of top silver-producing countries is the United States. Brazil is also the third largest exporter in the world. An estimated amount of 976,475 metric tons of cotton annually. Cotton alone has shown enormous growth since the 1980s when it was 4%, to 2008 when it was 12 %. Monthly report on crop acreage, yield and production in major countries worldwide. The downtrend is largely due to tighter environmental policies imposed by the government. National income of Uzbekistan greatly depends on cotton production because of which Cotton’s nickname in Uzbekistan is “white gold”. It is a fairly non-demanding crop, requiring a frost-free period, abundant sunshine and 60-120 cm of rain. Most of their plantation is based in southern states like Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Invention of Cotton ginning process and mechanisation has helped the producers to decrease labor and boost the production. Cotton is cultivated in half of the country’s irrigated land and it is irrigated by diverting water from Amu Darya river.Ahal, Mary, Chärjew, and Dashhowu are the major cotton producing regions of Turkmenistan. United States . Usage of better variety of cotton especially BT cotton has enhanced production.