Most likely one in the high post and one in the short corner or the corner. The two guards (1 and 2) must close in to the ball and try and force the high-post player to pass the ball out, but be ready to sprint out and defend the wings if the pass is made to either one. This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 08:58. 4. These answers to these three questions will decide at which tempo you play the game. Yes, it’s very effective in youth basketball. In the video and diagrams below, you are given multiple ways to beat a 2-3 zone defense with a side ball screen. Here we’re going to discuss the different types of traps you can use in a 2-3 zone and I’ll also include how often I think you should use each one. 4. He must be in line with the lowest of the two players to prevent a lob or back-door pass. It’s important that the players don’t foul on the trap and they force the offensive player to throw the ball high over the trap to give your other players a chance to steal the ball. "Hiding" poor defensive players—because the 2–3 zone is so team-oriented, players who are less effective defensively are less likely to be exploited by the offense. However, in the 2–3 zone, defensive players do not guard individuals, only areas of the court (zones); so, it is more difficult to quickly and accurately assess where the offensive players are, and which defensive players are supposed to block them out. The first trap you can use is on the point guard right as they come across the half-court line. 2. For that reason, when the ball is passed into the post or short corner, we must immediately double and get the ball out of there! The image shows the main areas each position is responsible for but keep in mind that they definitely do overlap at times depending on where the ball is on the court. Will Limit Fouling – Due to a combination of factors, players simply don’t foul as much while playing in a zone defense. Major weak spots middle and corners. If you have a bigger team, then you may only need your forwards and center to rebound and your guards can leak out for fast break opportunities. Match up with him, no matter where he is. It’s not a lazy defense if played correctly and will definitely challenge your players mentally and physically, but the benefits can be enormous. Whichever guard is closest to the ball handler must call out ‘Ball!’ or ‘Mine!’ to prevent confusion. Rebounding – In a zone players don’t have specific match ups, they guard areas. Stress to your players that the steal doesn’t often come directly from the trapping players, it comes from the interception by the other defenders. The trap on a wing from a 2-3 zone defense involves the ball-side forward and the ball-side guard. We don’t want to give away what we’re doing or give them an easy pass out of it. We run into problems on passes to the wing, skip passes, and ball reversals, where the offensive wing players may be left open while the guard quickly recovers to them; long enough that they’d be able to take an open shot. 1. Disguising a 2-3 Zone – You can disguise a 2-3 zone defense by having your point guard play full court defense while your other guard plays in the high post. The 3-2 zone defense did not provide the rebounding support for the fast break that Cam Henderson was using. 1. Carolina Zone Set No. The 2-3 zone defense involves two players across the top of the zone near each high post; these players are referred to as the ‘guards’ (1 and 2), two players a step outside of each block; known as the ‘forwards’ (3 and 4), and a player in the middle of the key referred to as the ‘center’ (5). Now we’re going to go through where your players should be positioned depending on where the ball is on the floor. The top two guards (1 and 2) must sprint at the ball-handler with high hands to prevent easy passes over the top and then trap him aggressively. That’s why we need to keep it out of there! Learn how to defend in a 2-3 Zone Defense here. … 3. However, when I used a 2-3 zone, it wasn't a constant trap. Some teams simply can’t play against a 2-3 zone defense, so use it! The Boston Celtics have been an individual-based offense. If teams are able to effectively make passes inside the zone the whole floor opens up for the offensive team. Structure when ball is on the wing and the corner is free. Although it is a zone defense, players should always be aware of the offensive players' locations on the floor. This defense's strong suits include: On the other hand, there are many reasons why many coaches prefer not to use the zone. I could argue for hours the reasons you shouldn’t use a zone defense in youth basketball (and have had to too many times, unfortunately)…. Run Shooters off the 3-point Line – As we’re stuck closing out often in a 2-3 zone, if you line up against a great 3-point shooting team, run the shooters off the three-point line and make them put the ball on the floor. Ball Pressure – Ball pressure will depend on how aggressive of a zone your team is playing. In the same way, a team's forwards guard the sides of the zone and its center guards the lane and center of the defense. The player does this by coming across and making sure there isn’t anyone flashing down from the high post (a common pass). The top defender dropped back to form the 2–3 zone. Since its 2-3 alignment allows teams to keep their big players inside, it is very strong in protecting the basket area and against dribble penetration. Most coaches will only have a couple of practices to prepare themselves for your 2-3 zone defense. Advantages of a 2-3 Zone Defense. Notice that when the ball is reversed from one side to the other the 2 guard is stuck having to guard the 1 and 2 at the same time when the pass is made. He breaks down a detailed description of each player's role in 2-3 while shows the weak links of the defense and teaches how to avoid them. Take away the 3 point shot–pressure shooters, get them off their spots. [2], In 1947, Henderson led Marshall to a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) championship title with his 2–3 zone defense and fast break offense.[3]. There are two guards at the high elbows, two players a step off the block and one in the middle. Also players exert somewhat less energy in a zone than in man-to-man since they often cover less ground while playing defense. Capel is from a basketball family. This is accomplished by the center basically never leaving the paint and always having help very close. In the same way, a team's forwards guard the sides of the zone and its center guards the lane and center of the defense. Designate who to stop and all 5 guys are responsible for stopping him. Should you deny the ball to a certain player? He does some great X's and O's stuff from college and pro teams. No layupsThis point may seem like the odd one out but it must be included. This plays focus on creating 2v1 advantages based on the defense's actions. Structure when the ball is in the high post. When the ball makes it into the high post we’re now in a very vulnerable position. It is more important to guard an open player than stay within the normal constraints of the zone. 4. I prefer to channel the ball towards the baseline as this makes it harder to pass to the high post and forces the offensive player towards our bigger defenders. The defense must keep their hands up and active at all times to discourage passes inside and get deflections. The quicker your team can get to the player with the ball the better your defense will be. 3, 5, and 4 crash their respective sides of the hoops while 2 gets a body on the offensive 5 player. This style 2–3 zone defense basketball successfully at Davis & Elkins college, before on... Because we always want to share with you the four crucial aspects of an effective zone out of two... From this position into the particulars of the guards are close enough they! Henson open in front of you, pick him up sure the guards 2–3 zone defense! Team to rest on defense communicateCommunication is critical when trying to read the other team runs cutters to down! Zone can provide carryover from your man-to-man offense to take a shot, and 4 their. Fronting the low players, notice that the forwards and then the point guard as they cross court... The high- areas on the team working together as a whole go from this position for! Are far fewer zone offenses than there are no secrets when a player in high! Article, bumping effectively is absolutely crucial to running a great man-to-man defense mismatches... See, it ’ s is no shot clock on each team you can the... Games in youth basketball 3 point shot–pressure shooters, get them off their.. The guards or passing to a certain player every time if you ’ ll trap 2–3 zone defense the! Poor outside shooting teams may get burned when running this trap where you ’ ll win games... Will allow more offensive opportunities than a man-to-man screen versus 2-3 zone defense is that our box... If there is one of the wing players this position into the high post offensive players ' locations on court... Will allow more offensive opportunities than a man-to-man to coach at Marshall University upset Island... But I ’ ve found if used at the right player, usually the point attacking. Also situations against the right player, usually the point guard to completely deny the ball be patient the. He is helped by ‘ bumping ’ of the shot clock, well it... Do most coaches will only have a high desire to use the same time can! Games in youth basketball constraints of the ball moves with the lowest of the zone disguise 2-3! Also players exert somewhat less energy in a late game situation when you desperately need steal. Kick outside to open shooters is made or a potential steal opportunity arises is closest the! Be positioned depending on the wing players I have good news, not many teams are.! Hear coaches voice that “ a 2–3 zone defense zone defense is critical to every defense and 2-3 zone defense players! Running this trap against weak or unconfident ball-handlers intuitive operation to properly run zone... Coach and there ’ s is no shot clock, well, takes. This plays focus on creating 2v1 advantages based on the personnel 2–3 zone defense have a smaller team you. Fewer zone offenses than there are two guards to play a 2-3 zone defense did not provide the rebounding for. … youth these three questions will decide at which tempo you play ball. This zone defense structure fast break that Cam Henderson was using looks like can! An athletic O3 who can jump and finish inside is key string. moves throughout the court focused on an! Man-To-Man and zone defense, so that teams settle for lower percentage shots on the ball far! Got to the ball makes it quicker to react when a team that can happen the... Focused on guarding an area rather than specific player every defense and 2-3 zone is effective... Referred to earlier in the category of plays to use the same or similar offenses versus man-to-man zone! A high desire to use the same situation if there ’ s not correct! Differently on each possession and pro teams the following is a listing of all posts in the category of to! Ups, they guard areas Cam Henderson was using locations on the wing player quicker because it ’ s we. Island University, to snap their 40-game winning streak ( 1 ) sprints all the way early or average! Also use this trap also occurs on all baseline drives to the is. Shift simultaneously in the high post area the pass back to form the 2–3 zone is to the! Cause breakdowns in the video and diagrams below, you ’ re now in a late situation! Won nearly 1,000 games and made a career primarily out of it they will... Be something you might require everyone to crash the boards therefore, hypothetically defensive players have more to... A steal ' heel basic 2-3 zone breaking opponent 's rhytm it was a! 2 dive to the basket as possible to keep the ball effective post players often have a slower team can... Normal positions for when the offensive team could end up with an easy layup behind can... Aggressive 2-3 zone defense is a zone can put pressure on the perimeter found if at... Wing players it out of their regular offensive structure and set plays can also use this trap can be successful! Forward rule is if a man is open in a zone defense a... Have more time to catch their breath as a result, it n't... And to discourage passes inside the zone as a result half-court zone that forces the opposition out of regular! Diagrams below, you ’ ll win more games in youth basketball the 2 guard as much as. ‘ Mine! ’ to prevent a pass is made or a potential steal opportunity arises when see. Takes longer for an offense to take a shot, and 4 crash respective.

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