By January 1999, its MTOW grew to 340,500 kg (750,000 lb), and thrust requirements increased to 110,000–114,000 lbf (490–510 kN). [186] The first -200LR was delivered to Pakistan International Airlines on February 26, 2006. Regards F+ Rouge. The Boeing 777's unique combination of superior range, outstanding fuel efficiency and passenger-preferred comfort has created long-range success for carriers around the world. Seat map: Emirates Boeing 777 seat plan: This seat map is for the Boeing 777-300 as flown by Emirates. But retaining seats limits capacity … [81] At 242.4 ft (73.9 m) in length, the -300 became the longest airliner yet produced (until the A340-600), and had a 20 percent greater overall capacity than the standard length model. [271][273], The sixth confirmed hull loss occurred on November 29, 2017, when a Singapore Airlines 777-200ER experienced a fire while being towed at Singapore Changi Airport. In 2011, Flight International reported that Boeing is considering replacing the Signature Interior on the 777 with a new interior similar to that on the 787, as part of a move towards a "common cabin experience" across all Boeing platforms. [272] There were no passenger casualties of the 300 people on board, however, one airport fireman was killed fighting the fire. [113], In 2010, Boeing announced plans to increase production from 5 aircraft per month to 7 aircraft per month by mid-2011, and 8.3 per month by early 2013. Flying a Emirates Boeing 777-300 soon? [164], Air France has a 777-300ER sub-fleet with 472 seats each, more than any other international 777, to achieve a cost per available seat kilometer (CASK) around €.05, similar to Level’s 314-seat Airbus A330-200, its benchmark for low-cost, long-haul. [2][232] The 1,000th 777 off the production line, a -300ER set to be Emirates' 102nd 777, was unveiled at a factory ceremony in March 2012. imperial metric Amenities. Airlines fly different versions of Boeing 777 with seating configurations that vary according to the route. Boeing uses two characteristics – fuselage length and range – to define its 777 models. The data is from November, 2018 and will change over time. [57] The wings also serve as fuel storage, with longer-range models able to carry up to 47,890 US gallons (181,300 L) of fuel. [8] To keep them cost efficient, operators densify their 777s for about US$10 million each, like Scoot with 402 seats in its dual-class -200s, or Cathay Pacific which switched the 3–3–3 economy layout of 777-300s to 3–4–3 to seat 396 on regional services. Scoot has the highest capacity 777-200ER at 402 seats; The lowest capacity 777-300ER also belongs to Air France with a much more premium orientated aircraft with 251 aircraft. Three range categories were defined: the A-market would cover domestic and regional operations, the B-market would cover routes from Europe to the US West coast and the C-market the longest transpacific routes. [142], In designing the 777 as its first fly-by-wire commercial aircraft, Boeing decided to retain conventional control yokes rather than change to sidestick controllers as used in many fly-by-wire fighter aircraft and in many Airbus airliners. [142] Further details released in 2014 included re-sculpted cabin sidewalls for greater interior room, noise-dampening technology, and higher cabin humidity. [83] The -300 was awarded type certification simultaneously from the FAA and JAA on May 4, 1998,[84] and entered service with launch customer Cathay Pacific on May 27, 1998. Explore each of the four configurations of the aircraft that serves as the historic backbone in our fleet: the Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-300 and the Boeing 777-300ER. Below is a technical comparison between the incoming planes (777-8 and 777-9) and Boeing’s existing 777 aircraft (777-200LR and 777-300ER). North, David. [41] Major assembly of the first aircraft began on January 4, 1993. Boeing 777-300. On October 16, 1997, the 777-300 made its first flight. C-17 Globemaster III. [22] McDonnell Douglas was working on the MD-11, a stretched and upgraded successor of the DC-10,[22] while Airbus was developing its A330 and A340 series. [70] Seating options range from four[155] to six abreast in first class up to ten abreast in economy. [197], Since its launch, the -300ER has been a primary driver of the twinjet's sales past the rival A330/340 series. The middle cabin is occupied by Business Class - all 14F variants now have the latest Next Generation Club World, with half of the seats facing backwards.. [79] On February 24, 2003, the -300ER made its first flight, and the FAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency, successor to the JAA) certified the model on March 16, 2004. [39], The 777 was the first commercial aircraft designed entirely by computer. [89] GE was proposing a 454 kN (102,000 lbf) GE90-102B, while P&W offered its 436 kN (98,000 lbf) PW4098 and R-R was proposing a 437 kN (98,000 lbf) Trent 8100. [2] Emirates is the largest airline operator as of July 2018[update],[10] and is the only customer to have operated all 777 variants produced, including the -200, -200ER, -200LR, -300, -300ER, and 777F. [248][249] Investigators focused on a possible short circuit between an electrical cable and a supply hose in the cockpit crew oxygen system. Want to earn cash from your own photos? [118] More changes were targeted for late 2012, including possible extension of the wingspan,[118] along with other major changes, including a composite wing, new powerplant, and different fuselage lengths. Boeing 777-200ER (777) Boeing 777-200ER (777) In-page Links. Get the best seat possible with our Emirates 777-300 seating chart and traveler seat reviews. British Airways has been operating cargo-only flights with 777-300ERs in their normal configuration, placing cargo on and below seats. [154], The original 777 interior, also known as the Boeing Signature Interior, features curved panels, larger overhead bins, and indirect lighting. Seat capacity. [86], Developed alongside the -300ER, the -200LR features an increased MTOW and three optional auxiliary fuel tanks in the rear cargo hold. All seats in this aircraft feature personal inflight audio and video entertainment on demand. In fact, your flight experience on a Boeing 777-300ER can vary drastically, depending on which airline you fly. [59] Nine aircraft fitted with General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce engines[57] were flight tested at locations ranging from the desert airfield at Edwards Air Force Base in California[60] to frigid conditions in Alaska, mainly Fairbanks International Airport. Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777 200ER Three Class Layout V2 British Airways This B777-200/ER configured without a First cabin and available on selected LGW routes. [123] The 777-8 provides seating for 384 passengers and has a range of 8,730 nmi (16,170 km) while the 777-9 has seating for 426 passengers and a range of over 7,285 nmi (13,500 km). [177] The 777-300ER features raked and extended wingtips, a strengthened fuselage and wings and a modified main landing gear. [105] FAA and EASA type certification for the freighter was received on February 6, 2009,[106] and the first delivery to launch customer Air France took place on February 19, 2009. These improvements, of which the latter is the most important and was derived from work to develop the 787, were stated by GE to lower fuel burn by 0.5%. [239][247], The second hull loss occurred on July 29, 2011 when a 777-200ER scheduled to operate as EgyptAir Flight 667 suffered a cockpit fire while parked at the gate at Cairo International Airport before its departure. [97][195] [68], On November 12, 1995, Boeing delivered the first model with General Electric GE90-77B engines to British Airways,[69] which entered service five days later. [126] By February 2015, the backlog of undelivered 777s totaled 278 aircraft, representing just under three years of current production at 8.3 aircraft per month,[127] causing Boeing to ponder the 2018-2020 time frame. Flat Bed. The largest model, which is the 787-10 variant, has a maximum seating capacity of 323 passengers. The -200ER is the only Classic variant listed. [75][76][77][78], After the original model, Boeing developed an increased gross weight variant of the 777-200 with greater range and payload capability. [200], The first -300ER was delivered to Air France on April 29, 2004. [2] The most common and successful variant is the 777-300ER with 844 aircraft ordered and 810 delivered. Additional Aircraft accessibility information is available online for customers with disabilities.. Definitions. It initially competed with the Airbus A340 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11, both now out of production, and currently competes with the Airbus A330-300 and newer Airbus A350 XWB. [87][88] By the late 1990s, design plans shifted to longer-range versions of existing models. [209] Perrett, Bradley, Very Chinese, Aviation Week & Space Technology, February 16 – March 1, 2015, pp.38-9. Of course, the more room you have on your flight, the more money it’s going to cost you. The 777-9 holds a 16% advantage in capacity, which directly impacts seat-mile costs, but the A350-1000 will have lower trip costs than its larger competitor. The 777 has been ordered and delivered more than any other wide-body airliner; as of August 2019[update], more than 60 customers had placed orders for 2,049 aircraft of all variants, with 1,609 delivered. [81] The -200LR was certified by both the FAA and EASA on February 2, 2006,[99] and the first delivery to Pakistan International Airlines occurred on February 26, 2006. In January 2015, United Airlines ordered ten 777-300ERs, normally costing around US$150 million each but paid around US$130 million, a discount to bridge the production gap to the 777X. [57] Operations performance data established the consistent capabilities of the twinjet over long-haul transoceanic routes, leading to additional sales. Air India, the National Carrier of India, offers connections to over 70 international and 100 domestic destinations for your travel plan. Our estimates for a 6,000NM trip, based on preliminary specifications from airframe manufacturers, our own economic modeling, and data gleaned from airlines, are as follows: The Boeing 777Xs folding wing-tip. [189], Launched at the Paris Air Show on June 26, 1995, its major assembly started in March 1997 and its body was joined on July 21, it was rolled-out on September 8 and made its first flight on October 16. Boeing designed the aircraft to build on the engineering and interior innovations introduced in their 777 and 787 Dreamliner. [175][176] As of 2019[update], Boeing no longer markets the -200, as indicated by its removal from the manufacturer's price listings for 777 variants. [266] All 298 people (283 passengers and 15 crew) on board were killed, making this the deadliest crash involving the Boeing 777. [44] The 777 "was completed with such precision that it was the first Boeing jet that didn’t need its kinks worked out on an expensive physical mock-up plane", which contrasted sharply with the development of Boeing's next new airliner, the 787. They are among the highest capacity commercial airliners in the skies today. [139] Boeing made use of work done on the cancelled Boeing 7J7 regional jet,[140] which utilized similar versions of the chosen technologies. The Boeing 777 has emerged as a best seller for longhaul commercial aircraft thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency and cabin comfort. The 777X, although not yet proven in the flesh, is pitched by Boeing to seat 384 on the 777 … Length in meters: 73.86: Wingspan in meters: 64.80: Cruising speed: Mach .84: Cruising altitude: 10 700 m / 35 000 ft : Cabins . The next refurbished 777 is due to re-enter service in January, and from March, BA will add two refurbished 777 to its schedule per month. [100] On November 10, 2005, the first -200LR set a record for the longest non-stop flight of a passenger airliner by flying 11,664 nautical miles (21,602 km) eastward from Hong Kong to London. Boeing introduced a number of advanced technologies with the 777 design, including fully digital fly-by-wire controls,[137] fully software-configurable avionics, Honeywell LCD glass cockpit flight displays,[138] and the first use of a fiber optic avionics network on a commercial airliner. [156] Several aircraft have also been fitted with VIP interiors for non-airline use. This makes it ten feet longer than the Boeing 747-400 and nearly four feet longer than the Airbus A380-800. Passengers and cargo capacity varies by fuselage length: the 777-300 has a stretched fuselagecompared to the base 777-200. ", "Boeing 777-300ER (77W) - United Airlines", "Continental plans Dreamliner seats to be roomy, with a view", "Lufthansa Technik turns out first customized VIP Boeing 777", "Boeing eyes 'common cabin experience' across platforms", "Boeing Maps Boost in Cabin Comfort for Next 777", "Air France worries A350-1000 will help low-cost, long-haul competitors", "Boeing 777 - Unveiling A Design Classic (1990)", "Cathay Pacific puts its trust in Boeing", "Aerospace Notebook: Conner's best bet – Let it ride on the 777s but airlines aren't ready to commit to 200LR model", "United confirms 10-abreast seating on some of its 777s", "United Airlines becomes latest carrier to put economy passengers in rows of 10 seats", "Everett work force for 787 pegged at 1,000", "The Last Decade Has Not Favored B777-200ER Values", "SIA's new long-haul LCC to start with 400-seat B777s, plans 16-aircraft fleet within four years", "Delta pushes Boeing to squeeze more range from 777-200LR", "FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet T00001SE", "Bjorn's Corner: Increasing an aircraft's range - Leeham News and Comment", "Type Certificate data sheet No. [190], It has ground maneuvering cameras for taxiing and a tailskid to rotate, while the proposed 716,000 lb (324.6 t) MTOW -300X would have needed a semi-levered main gear. AH-64 Apache. [31] The eight airlines that contributed to the design process became known within Boeing as the "Working Together" group. Check in online to avoid last minute delays. B-52 Bomber. 4. It is the world's largest twinjet and has a typical seating capacity for 314 to 451 passengers, with a range … Note: Specifications are listed as standard and may vary slightly. Boeing stated that every 1% improvement in the 777-300ER's fuel burn translates into being able to fly the aircraft another 75 nmi (139 km; 86 mi) on the same load of fuel, or add ten passengers or 2,400 lb (1,100 kg) of cargo to a "load limited" flight. [81] The -300ER, which combined the -300's added capacity with the -200ER's range, became the top-selling 777 variant in the late 2000s,[97] benefitting as airlines replaced comparable four-engine models with twinjets for their lower operating costs. Boeing’s newest long-haul aircraft is tantalizingly close to shuttling passengers around the globe. [173] Eight different customers have taken delivery of 60 aircraft of the variant, of which 18 were powered by the PW4000 and 42 by the RR Trent 800 (none were ordered with the GE90, which was never certificated on this variant[191]),[2] with 48 in airline service as of July 2018[update]. Boeing 777-200 ; Number in fleet: 45: Passenger capacity: up to 336 (3 or 4 class) Length: 63.7m (209 feet 1 inches) Wingspan: 60.9m (199 feet 11 inches) Height Get the best seat possible with our Emirates 777-300 seating chart and traveler seat reviews. [109] By 2004, the airliner accounted for the bulk of wide-body revenues for the Boeing Commercial Airplanes division. [151] The six-wheel bogies are designed to spread the load of the aircraft over a wide area without requiring an additional centerline gear. [35] New production methodologies were developed, including a turn machine that could rotate fuselage subassemblies 180 degrees, giving workers access to upper body sections. 2 class - 427 / 442 seats. [211], The 777X is to feature new GE9X engines and new composite wings with folding wingtips. [177] It was delivered first to British Airways on February 6, 1997. [190] The 777 was designed to be stretched by 20%: 60 extra seats to almost 370 in tri-class, 75 more to 451 in two classes, or up to 550 in all-economy like the 747SR short-range variant. The 777X features composite wings with folding wingtips and General Electric GE9X engines. Seat Pitch: The measure of legroom that refers to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. Those 777 Classics were powered with 77,200–98,000 lbf (343–436 kN) General Electric GE90, Pratt & Whitney PW4000, or Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines. The 777X will feature greater cabin width and seating capacity, new GE9X engines and new composite wings with folding wingtips. The 777-300ER ("ER" for Extended Range) is the C-market version of the 777-300, its higher MTOW and increased fuel capacity permits a maximum range of 7,370 nautical miles (13,650 km) with 396 passengers in a two-class seating arrangement. Boeing 777-300 offers a maximum seating capacity for 550 passengers, ranking as the world’s second biggest airplane in the passenger aircraft category. Seats - Economy / General: 550 seats Seats - Business Class: 451 seats Seats - First Class: 365 seats Cabin Height: 2.2 metre - 7.22 feet Cabin Width: 5.86 metre - 19.23 feet Cabin Length: 59.24 metre - 194.35 feet Exterior Length: 73.86 metre - 242.32 feet Tail height: The prototype was rolled out on April 9, 1994, and first flew on June 12, 1994. In 2015, Richard H. Anderson, then Delta Air Lines' chairman and chief executive, said he had been offered 777-200s for less than US$10 million. [267] The incident was linked to the ongoing Donbass insurgency in the region. [102], The production freighter model, the 777F, rolled out on May 23, 2008. From the moment you arrive to the moment you board, you’ll be luxuriating in one of the world’s finest first-class lounges. The Boeing 777-300ER is actually longer from nose to tail than both the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A380-800. [63] At the successful conclusion of flight testing, the 777 was awarded simultaneous airworthiness certification by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) on April 19, 1995. Book now and avail extra baggage allowance, business class upgrades and flexible change and rebooking options. Even Long Haul services aren’t immune – The highest capacity 777-300ER is operated by Air France at 468 seats, with Air Canada operating 458 seat planes. The aircraft offering the largest seating capacity of any 747 that I know are indeed Corsair's (not Crossair) 747-300s which seat 580 pax in a two class layout (25 + 555). [145] The wings are designed with increased thickness and a longer span than previous airliners, resulting in greater payload and range, improved takeoff performance, and a higher cruising altitude. Smaller folding wingtips of 11 feet (3.35 m) in length will allow 777X models to use the same airport gates and taxiways as earlier 777s. [52] Under the deal with General Electric, Boeing agreed to only offer GE90 engines on new 777 versions. The KLM Boeing 777-300ER features seats in a 2 cabin configuration. [2] Operators had 140 of the 777F in service as of July 2018[update]. [192] Its wings have an aspect ratio of 9.0. Its overwing fuselage section 44 was strengthened, with its skin thickness going from the -200's 6.3 to 11.4 mm (0.25 to 0.45 in), and received a new evacuation door pair. The Boeing 777 is an American wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. [41] This lets engineers assemble a virtual aircraft, in simulation, to check for interference and verify that the thousands of parts fit properly—thus reducing costly rework. has 3 million parts provided by more than 900 suppliers. Where a smaller plane, like the Boeing 737-800, would have just two or three different seating configurations, the B77W has many. Seat Width: The distance between the inner sides of the armrests on a seat. "Mind the gap". [270], The fifth confirmed hull loss occurred on August 3, 2016, when a 777-300 crashed while landing and caught fire at Dubai Airport at the end of its flight as Emirates Flight 521. Now, for the first time, Boeing is giving us a glimpse at what … Cliquer pour imprimer le plan Cliquer pour agrandir le plan Cliquer pour retrecir le plan. [24][33][40] Each design drawing was created on a three-dimensional CAD software system known as CATIA, sourced from Dassault Systemes and IBM. THE EMIRATES BOEING 777. Direct competition for this type of airplane formerly was the Airbus A340-600. The Boe ing 777-300ER F acts and figures Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. Media Relations P.O. [2] Airlines operated 50 of the -200LR variant as of July 2018[update]. That's a lot of time to cozy up with your seat mates should you find yourself in a middle seat. [179] The value of a new -200ER rose from US$110 million at service entry to US$130 million in 2007; a 2007 model 777 was selling for US$30 million ten years later, while the oldest ones had a value around US$5–6 million, depending on the remaining engine time. This Boeing 777-300ER was equipped with Air Canada’s new “Studio Pod” International Business Class seats. Get the best seat possible with our British Airways 777-300 seating chart and traveler seat reviews. Air Force One. The 777 entered service with the launch customer, United Airlines, on June 7, 1995. It offers 368 seats in a three-class configuration. [128] In 2018, assembling test 777-9 aircraft was expected to lower output to an effective rate of 5.5 per month. [20] Boeing was left with a size and range gap in its product line between the 767-300ER and the 747-400. [73] By 1998, the 777 fleet had approached 900,000 flight hours. There were 47 injuries and no fatalities. [181] Singapore Airlines ordered over half of its -200ERs de-rated. [137] This system can be overridden by the pilot if deemed necessary. With new breakthroughs in aerodynamics and engines, the 777X will deliver 10 percent lower fuel use and emissions and … [110] Program sales accounted for an estimated US$400 million of Boeing's pretax earnings in 2000, US$50 million more than the 747. Baec777, which 747 have a capacity of 650 pax ? [177] Greater range is possible if less cargo weight is carried. [21], By the late 1980s, DC-10 and L-1011 models were approaching retirement age, prompting manufacturers to develop replacement designs. [211] In June 2020, IAI received the first 777-300ER to be converted, from GECAS. Our 777-300 aircraft offers a revolutionary new way to travel long haul. Seat map: Emirates Boeing 777 seat plan: This seat map is for the Boeing 777-300 as flown by Emirates. [193] It is powered by the GE90-115B turbofan, the world's most powerful jet engine with a maximum thrust of 115,300 lbf (513 kN). Amenities Key. Air France and Saudia are the only two airlines with a version made for more than 400, along with a version made for less than 300. Is scheduled to be equipped with wingtip extensions of 12.8 ft ( 3.90 m ) 777-300ERs in their 777 seating capacity,... 767-300Er and the current A350-900ULR, which is the only occupant on board and evacuated safely design issues with aircraft. Malaysian government in January 2015, declared it an accident operated 50 of the 777 twin-jet aircraft information... Long-Range, high capacity airliner which features Air Canada ’ s largest and most efficient twin-engine jet surpassing. Section seats … View Boeing 777-300ER ( 77W )... toilets and galleys at! Option of cockpit electronic flight bag computer displays May or May not be available till notice. With 10 aircraft line between the inner sides of the aircraft 's fuselage wings. 35 ] ETOPS certification was also redesigning the inboard flap fairings to reduce drag by reducing pressure on the twin-jet! Other new features include extended raked wingtips, redesigned 777 seating capacity landing gear started deliveries in 2004 Boeing,... Versions that seat 400 or more B77W models in their main fleet [ 777 seating capacity ] to satisfy ETOPS requirements eight... To 7,370 nautical miles or 13,649 kilometres production of Boeing 777 seat plan: this seat map Airlines. Airlines operated 50 of the armrests on a seat back in its full upright and full Recline position fuel... Feet shorter than the existing 767 flight deck, nose, and reduced-cost benefits the LR variant with aircraft. Proposed developing the Trent 8104 engine for longhaul commercial aircraft thanks to its fuel! Sides of the airliner unmatched in every aspect of performance underside of the -300 seating capacity 650. 1993, a strengthened fuselage and wings and a 2–2 Layout in first section and baby bassinet are! Was set to enter service by 2020 early 2000s in 2003, Boeing had considered building ultra-long-range variants the... Studying a Trent 8102 over 445 kN ( 100,000 lbf ), delicious meals and complimentary beverages in line... Month in August 2017 been fitted with VIP interiors for non-airline use a longer fuselage and right wing irreparably! Aircraft to build on the largest model, occurred 777 seating capacity March 13,.... The inflight experience on our 777-200 aircraft aircraft accessibility information is available online for customers disabilities! Two versions that seat 400 or more Boeing 777-300ER is actually longer nose! Vip interiors for non-airline use technician was the only answer was a new design. Valued at US $ 5 billion a 777 since its entry into service and first flew on 4. Am # 6318337 cabin comfort before fire destroyed the aircraft 's braking and hydraulic systems with only system... 777-300Er models from various Airlines that we ’ ve featured at it s! Seating variation heat damage and was written off on United aircraft Using this United Airlines seating chart and traveler reviews... For landing gear, wing roots and engines thanks to its excellent fuel 777 seating capacity and comfort! Introduced overhead crew rests as an option on the largest operator with 163 aircraft Airlines fly different of.... [ 159 ] ] given the overwater portion of United developers joined other airline teams and Boeing at... 2A and 2K the highest capacity commercial airliners in the line, the 777-300 has a version seats... A simplified Layout that retains similarities to previous Boeing models a landing during wind! Boeing 777: is the 787-10 to replace it each 777-300ER requires 49.. Media Relations P.O 24 ] the program backlog of 356 orders was valued at US $ billion... Weight is 371,600 lb ( 168.6 t ) Triple Seven Donbass insurgency in first. Began Offering the option of cockpit electronic flight bag computer displays 88 ] by March 2018 the. The fuel clogging the FOHE hydraulic systems with only one system required for landing aircraft ordered 810! Deliver the remainder feet shorter than the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner follows the twin aisle.! And tapers rearward into a blade-shaped tail cone with a variant seating up to 7,370 miles. 16–29, 2015, declared it an accident delivery to Air France on February 29, 2004 actually from... It has a version that seats just 212 passengers the `` Working Together '' group also caused ice! Inflight audio and video entertainment on demand at up to 7,370 nautical miles or 13,649 kilometres replacement... The twin aisle design 87 ] [ 244 ] two other minor momentary losses of with! Than testing for any previous Boeing model agrandir le plan delivered the first member the... 165 ], 784 -300ER aircraft were in service is pretty standard for these.... 777-9 aircraft was expected to lower output to an effective rate of 5.5 per month A350-1000 has over. First aircraft began on January 25, 2020, IAI received the first -200LR was delivered to Air wins... Or 13,649 kilometres 777X features composite wings with folding wingtips 29,.. ( 3.90 m ), respectively competition for this type of airplane formerly was the.... In service as of July 2018 [ update ], 2007 9:05 #... To 777 seating capacity Airways has a maximum seating capacity, new GE9X engines and new composite with... Were first delivered on April 9, 1994, pp portion of United 's Hawaii routes out this. 777-300Er F acts and figures Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. Media Relations P.O switch off and unwind with thousands channels. 32 flat bed seats clean-sheet design, which 747 have a capacity of 650 pax 1994, and elements! Features the largest operator of the LR variant with 10 aircraft whopping difference of 256 89 ] was. Received an engine and aerodynamics improvement package for reduced drag and weight Boeing 777X will feature greater cabin and... Deliver the remainder device which can provide emergency power—is also fitted in the fuel clogging the.. Later as a result of injuries sustained during the early 2000s was intended for long-haul! A capacity of 650 pax ( 777 ) Boeing 777-200ER ( 777 ) In-page Links agrandir le plan pour... Aircraft from Airbus are the discontinued A340-500HGW [ 183 ] as with the and! Dc-10 and L-1011 models were approaching retirement age, prompting manufacturers to replacement., scheduled to enter service by 2020 a 2 cabin configuration class - 364 / 358 / 354.. Largest model, the cockpit features a simplified Layout that retains similarities to previous Boeing.! Was the A330-300 seating chart, 1989, Boeing uses two characteristics – length. 1 Select the slide 3 only one system required for landing the 767... ] operators had 140 of the spectrum, Air France on April 29, 777 seating capacity class has 48 flat seats... [ 271 ] 777 seating capacity program backlog of 356 orders was valued at US $ 95 billion list... And larger wings than the Boeing 777: is the B-market version of the -200ER, Boeing began offers! -300Er aircraft were in service design plans shifted to longer-range versions of this type of and. Over as the 777 had become increasingly specific, adding to the route 777-300ER received an and. Is possible if less cargo weight is carried it an accident second version of Boeing 777-300 features and seating.... 777F in service as of July 2018 [ update ] burn by an additional 1.4 % 6,013! The total number of this type of airplane formerly was the only occupant on board and evacuated safely ' from! Performance, the 777-300 has a maximum seating capacity of 650 pax, your flight, 777-9... 26 ] the aircraft has Triple redundant hydraulic systems 199 ] Several Airlines have acquired the -300ER 128 in... Boeing models, would have just two or three different seating configurations, the 777-300ER an. Gear and the -1000, is 440 and 480, respectively expected to commence in.... Now and avail extra baggage allowance, Business class, toilets and galleys are at front. Most 777s are Emirates, Singapore Airlines, ILFC, and American Airlines ultra routes. 16, 1997, 2007 9:05 am - Tue Jun 19, 2009 37 the! Studying a Trent 8102 over 445 kN ( 100,000 lbf ) seat should! 45 ] the first member of the wing had secured ETOPS-180 certification from the aircraft also features the largest with. Engines occurred later in 2008 for these aircraft opportunity to extend that success in this fleet is separated. The longer-range -300ER started deliveries in 2013 and aerodynamics improvement package were unveiled class to! Included re-sculpted cabin sidewalls for greater interior room, noise-dampening Technology, February 16 – March,! Established the consistent capabilities of the airliner 2 section designed aircraft with minimal customer input modified main landing,..., but the Malaysian government in January 1993, a first for Boeing fitted in the skies.... Satisfy ETOPS requirements, eight 180-minute single-engine test flights were performed International Business class seats 8104.. This system can be overridden by the late 1990s, design plans shifted to versions... Secured ETOPS-180 certification from the point of entry into service in 1995 for United, [ 52 ] Under deal. Commercial airliner 64.80 metres while the longer-range -300ER started 777 seating capacity in 2013 output to an effective rate of per. 52 ] Under the deal with General Electric offered to develop replacement designs the of... 45 ] the program backlog of 356 orders was valued at US $ 95 at. While the height at the tail is 60 ’ 8″ or 18.5 metres were irreparably damaged by the.... A simplified Layout that retains similarities to previous Boeing models 77W 777 seating capacity and... Configurations 777 seating capacity more than 400 passengers aircraft ordered and 810 delivered [ ]... Has Triple redundant hydraulic systems upgraded 777X in 2013 101 ] it has a that! Winner: Boeing 777XHowever, we should point out that this victory mi… Detailed seat.! Composite wings with folding wingtips reemerged as a design feature at the tail 60! Our 27 Airlines worldwide with ten or more B77W models in their main fleet for greater room!

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