Our expert gaited horse saddle fitting experts … Tucker uses a wooden tree covered in a sealing material called DURAhide™. In the last year, Circle Y has improved and expanded this line of saddles to offer many tooling designs and color options, all with matching tack. Our custom trail saddles offer all the features of our Endurance Saddle … Outfitter Saddle The Cashel Outfitter is a hardworking yet comfortable saddle. Both saddle trees are designed to fit a wide range of horses and to not restrict the horse’s movement. Each saddle … Of course, the most unique feature on a Tucker is the patented Gel-Cush, shock-absorbing seat. Very nice 16 inch Rocking R gaited saddle… We have had two customers with bad backs call us and tell us that the Gel-Cush seat on the Tucker gave them the ability to ride again in comfort. The Flex-Lite tree first entered the market on Circle Y’s Barrel Racing Saddles. It brings what we have learned in a decade of building the worlds most comfortable endurance saddles to the recreational western saddle … Description. So you can have it all in a trail saddle! The gaited tree is a combination of fiberglass and wood. The TW Saddlery Trail Light and Feather weight Trail are designed to precisely fit Gaited horses. Our new Living Bar Technology® achieves the holy grail of saddle fit: a saddle tree bar that passively morphs to match the … Our Lightweight Trail Saddles weigh approximately 21 pounds in a 15 inch seat. The seat for a women’s horseback riding saddle has to be designed differently than a seat made for a man or she will not be comfortable. The bars are called by many people as wide, however they are not. Like the Circle Y Flex Lite saddle, they have been very popular saddles with women, younger riders, riders with back or shoulder problems and anyone else who has a tough time saddling a horse with a heavy saddle. Made with layers of foam and gel, this very well-padded saddle seat makes long rides a joy. For the rider the Fabtron offers an impact resistant EZ grip suede seat, leather … In order to provide you with the best reviews and tables of the best saddles for gaited horses, we examine a lot of buyers reviews.In order to conclude on the list of the best saddles for gaited horses we analyzed exactly 4096 reviews.Our review analysis for saddles for gaited horses will help you choose the best cheap saddles for gaited … Its overall design and moderately deep seat design make it an excellent all-around western saddle for trail, pleasure and most sports except roping. Starting at: $249.00. Do we fit 100% of the gaited horses? Our experience with Tucker Trail Saddles The gaited gullet is 6.75 inches and flared. Our experience has shown that our design work best for the flatter back of most southern breeds of gaited horse like Tennessee Walking Horses. Stonewall Saddle Co has been engineering lightweight saddles since 1976. Allegany Mountain Saddlery (AMS) is a trail rider’s best source for custom Western horse saddles. Was: $417.99 Save: 40% CUSTOM MADE 15.5" RL WATSON FLEX PANEL GAITED HORSE SADDLE WITH MATCHING COLLAR 2018 model. The 3-way in-skirt rigging gives the rider cinching options to help fit this saddle to multiple animals. Circle Y Alabama Flex2 Trail Gaiter Saddle. Barrel racers are constantly searching for ways to reduce the weight and increase the performance of their saddles. Many of us scoffed at these saddles when they first arrived on the market because, at that time, lightweight and quality did not really go hand in hand. Tucker Trail Saddles were the first trail saddles and remain the standard for Ultimate Trail Comfort for trail riders on all breeds of horses and mules. Gaited Saddles; He doesn't move like the rest, so don't buy a saddle like the rest. Great selection of gaited saddle brands! Excellent condition. Also standard in our trail saddles are eight D-rings and ties for securely tying on all your trail needs. In that time, I have seen a great many makes and models of lightweight saddles … some good, some not so good.

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